Green Lights

Green Lights

He’s known for being off beat, he’s well known for sounding more American than an American should and yet he has our British humour… oh and he looks pretty ok too.

Meet Matthew McConaughey actor, author, sports fan and all round everyone’s mate.

I recently downloaded Audible after a friend recommended I give it a go. As a hit and miss sleeper I thought I’d have a go one long dark night and for free I downloaded Green Lights written and read by Mr McConaughey himself. I’m telling you now, this isn’t going to lull you to sleep, instead his brilliant prose and acting that you don’t even need to be able to see, will have you hooked.

It’s an autobiography from his Texan upbringing to his meteoric rise to Hollywood fame. He can write as well as he can spin a yarn… I can’t recommend it enough.

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