Be my Valentine

Be my Valentine

By Lauren Edwards and Celia Law

Love it or hate it, when the 14th of February starts looming, the shops are awash with marketing ploys to help you get your romance on.  As soon as M&S start peddling their ‘romantic meal for a tenner’, you can either embrace your inner cupid or start your yearly campaign of ‘it’s just commercialised nonsense’. However, this year we are stuck indoors and literally ‘in it together’ so why not just go for it! We could all use a little loving cheer away from the Covid headlines right now. So here at andinothernews we have put together a couple of ideas to help you bring a little warmth to a dreary Sunday.

Romantic Walk

The suggestion of a walk has lost its appeal somewhat as we’ve all probably exhausted our local park for our allocated daily exercise. Sadly, if you’re not living with your other half, this may be your only option to meet with someone outside of your bubble. However, with no picnics allowed, most benches out of bounds and having to stay within a 5-mile radius of your house it may be challenging to make it fun. And let’s face it, with Valentines on a Sunday this year, there are going to be a lot of couples out and about doing the same. So, why not try an evening walk instead? A walk under the stars, a nosy mooch round the local neighbourhood, accompanied with an alcohol ladened hot chocolate perhaps?

Fine Dining

With restaurants closed, this year we need to embrace a table a deux at home and whether it’s with your partner, your flatmate, or your Mum, let’s try and make it special. Break out of your comfort zone by cooking up a storm or perhaps order a meal kit delivery and try some new food. Or better yet, let the professionals sweat over a stove and see what Valentine menus your local restaurants are offering for collection or delivery.

Try and resist the urge to have your dinner on your laps in front of the TV. Why not pimp up where you eat? This doesn’t mean you have to set up a table in the loft but maybe dig out the nice linen tablecloth your Mum gave you ‘for best’ and implement a dress code with a ban on lounge wear and PJs. Why not kick off the evening with a kitchen disco? Dig out the disco lights, get the cocktails flowing and put some ‘choons’ on.

Movie Night

Okay there is probably not much on Netflix that you haven’t already watched but making a movie night magic is all in the presentation. Dust off your DVDs and find an old classic you haven’t seen in years, think Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman or a slasher movie if that’s what floats your boat. Bring the duvets and pillows to the sofa, dig out your nicest pyjamas (if you haven’t exhausted them all already), perhaps even a matching set and invest in some first class treats. The nice popcorn, the expensive chocolates, a chilled bottle of bubbly and snuggle down.

Theatre at Home

If you are feeling silly and giggles is what you’re missing, how about making some little curtains for the telly and putting The Greatest Showman on (other musicals available). Treat yourself to those little tubs of Haagan Daz and enjoy canapés in the kitchen during the interval. You must stand to applause at the end or it’s not really a show is it? On a plus note, the ladies loo won’t have a queue going down the stairs either!

Hide the Sausage

It feels like 762 days that we have now been in lockdown and adding a bit of spice to your relationship is a bit tricky when your kids are always indoors, they seem to be always awake and therefore there is little point even contemplating digging out the nice undies or having a romantic candlelit bath together. It may be time to up the stakes and bribe the kids to stay in the living room so you can get some alone time in another room, an hour of Mario Kart for them can mean an hour of fun for you.

Don’t Panic!

If romance isn’t what you want but you know you’re part of a formidable team (Go Team Us sentiment) how about an online panic room? There are loads to choose from and meeting online with some of your friends might be a good opportunity for you and yours to work together, giggle together and kick some arse together. Together being the thing here, dream team, partner in crime, lobster or whatever.

Single can still mingle

What about the singletons? It seems that a pandemic can bring out the most inventive of businesses to the forefront. One such company, Chatroulette, randomly connects users with other strangers globally in a video chat session that either side can end at any time.  All you need to do is log into their website, with your webcam and bring your sense of adventure. You have the option to conceal your identity and take it as far as you want to. Their daily users have doubled since the start of the pandemic so clearly not everyone is watching Netflix.

And in the words of Gail Grisham:

Gail’s best friend Bunty got divorced a while ago. Gail would love for Bunty to meet someone new who would take her to beautiful places, or cook her a meal or cozy up in front of a film with her, but until she does meet someone wise enough to appreciate her awesomeness she has Gail and Gail would just like to say,
“You’re flipping terrific and I love you with every piece of my heart.”

Remember to check in with those that might find Valentine’s tricky. Lots of love from us at AION



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