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Pip Hare racing yacht

Pip Hare solo woman racer

A day in the life of Pip Hare – Ocean Racer and all round fearless badass

Morning: 0400-1200

Like many people, my body naturally has a strong urge to sleep between about 0200 and 0500 in the morning. It is not worth fighting this if I don’t need to so during this time I will try and bank sleep. Waking every 30 mins to do a check around the boat then sleeping again. When the sun rises I become more active. While I am eating breakfast, I will download weather information and then plan my course and strategy. I try to hand steer for half an hour to feel the boat and make sure things are in balance, it also gives me a break, I enjoy it. Next I will do a tour of the boat, checking inside and outside for any signs of damage or jobs that need to be done – these jobs are done as soon as possible. My brain is sharper in the morning so I also use this time to do any writing or thinking.

Afternoon: 1200-2000

My body is generally physically stronger in the afternoons so I try to focus the really physical jobs for these times. Moving sails, making big manoeuvres or difficult repairs. I will make sure I am well fuelled and hydrated during the morning to take these things on. During the afternoons I will have a dedicated hour to producing media content. This will mean downloading and editing all the video I have collected over the past 24hrs, selecting good photos and sending it all back to the shore via satellite. While I am downstairs doing all of this I will run the water maker to top up my reserves and ensure I have enough fresh water for at least five days ahead. I try to sleep for a minimum further hour (2 x 30 mins) in the afternoon, it depends on the job list. I make sure all devices are charged, SD cards emptied, torches working, everything is in order for the night ahead.

Night: 2000-0000

As night falls I will spend an hour on deck sailing the boat, to ensure things are set well before it gets dark. I make a note of wind conditions and boat settings so that I have a base to refer to if things change in the dark. I check in with my team once a day and I might make this call in the evening if I need to make the most of the daylight. It is important to keep eating and drinking all day but I do have a ‘supper’ and like to have that about 2200 as it breaks the night up a bit. I will try and sleep for a further 2 x 30 min sessions, breaking these up with trips on deck to ensure the boat is sailing well. If the weather is good I sleep outside underneath the cuddy. 

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Note from AION: Pip Hare is currently at sea aiming to complete the Vendee Globe, a 24,000 mile race, circumnavigating the world, alone. Pip’s website is really worth a visit. The race tracker is an addictive little tool, reminiscent of following your plane’s journey as you go on holiday (oh the good old days). Pip is a teacher, inspirational speaker and all round interesting woman.

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