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Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

As a freelance makeup artist I have worked with hundreds of women either to create ‘their everyday look’ or to mark a special occasion. I am passionate about skincare to enhance a person’s natural beauty (with or without makeup) and to help them look and feel confident on a day-to-day basis . I also run a successful salon-based business offering non-invasive, results driven treatments including Microneedling, Dermaplaning, LED light therapy or chemical peels and I sell vegan, cruelty free skincare and beauty tools to promote healthy, nourished skin. 

How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes and saggy eyelids? As I’ve entered my 40s I’m pulling my eyelid to one side to put on my eyeliner!

The eye area is the one of the first places to show signs of ageing and it’s a topic that is often high on the agenda for most women and especially for those aged 30 and over.  This area is often neglected in your 20’s, but the earlier you can start looking after the skin around your eyes, the better.

‘Crows feet’, or as I prefer to call them, ‘laughter lines’, are also a common concern with many choosing to go down the Botox route as a ‘quick fix’.  The same goes for ‘saggy eyelids’.  There has been a huge increase in recent years for Blepharoplasty – Eye Bag removal and Eyelid survey.  If you’re squeamish or prefer not to opt for such invasive measures or, like many, want a more natural approach, there are other things you can do to keep your peepers looking fresh for as long as possible.

Firstly, drink plenty of water, on a daily basis.  You should be consuming around 3-4 litres every day and that doesn’t include tea or coffee which can dehydrate the skin, especially the delicate under eye area.  Drinking plenty of water will also greatly help to reduce any darkness under the eyes.  

Secondly, getting the right amount of sleep is vital. Oversleeping (is that even a thing past 30 years of age?!), under sleeping, extreme fatigue or just staying up a few hours past your normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become dull and pale, allowing for dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show.  So get your beauty sleep ladies!

Thirdly, use a high strength vitamin C serum to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.    I personally use and highly recommend Tropic Eye Work rejuvenating serum and Eye Dream age-defying overnight butter balm. Each product contains a specific ingredient to target dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles; vitamin C for the day serum and bio-retinol for the evening balm.  Both will help to smooth out fine lines by plumping and hydrating the under-eye area and to alleviate discoloration associated with under-eye circles.

Always use creams specifically for the eye area.  Do not use your usual moisturiser as they are too heavy for the area and will build up under the skin causing puffiness.  

Genes can also play a huge part in the darkness of our under eye.  If your parents have shadowing, there is a high chance that you will too.  This is when light diffusing concealers will become your best friend.  Some fantastic products on the market are Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes and Tropic Illuma Light Diffusing Concealer.

Additionally, wear sunglasses all year round!  This will not only stop harmful UV rays from damaging the delicate skin around your eyes, which leads to ageing, but will also stop you from squinting and further causing loose and wrinkly skin.

Last on my list and something I perform every single day is Gua Sha! You may have heard of this more so recently as it is becoming extremely popular as more and more people find ways to tighten, tone and plump their skin at home whilst salons are shut due to the pandemic. Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves pressing and gliding over your skin with a beauty tool to improve your circulation and in turn, promoting collagen and elastin production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes tighter, plumper skin.

I can highly recommend Hayo’u beauty restorer tools and precision tools, of which I am a stockist.  
Combining the benefits of Gua Sha with the advantage of precision, the smaller tool allows you to specifically target fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip areas.

I am available for complimentary 1:1 skin consultations and if purchasing a Hayo’u Beauty Tool, I offer free demonstrations of Gua Sha facial massage techniques.

If you have a question Kelly can help with email

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