Mushroom coffee… really?

Mushroom coffee… really?

Alison Smyth of Connected Health- Registered Nutritional Therapist

I help to support women through this natural phase of life to feel strong, healthy, empowered and informed. Using the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine I work with women to balance hormones, correct nutritional deficiencies, reduce stress and improve energy and mental focus.

Mushroom Coffee… really, is it a thing?

I have been infatuated with both coffee and medicinal mushrooms for a while now and have been mulling over reducing my coffee intake and looking for an alternative. Medicinal mushrooms are wonderful natural health remedies and they are part of my supplement regime, helping to support my hormonal health, immunity and energy levels.

Shroom coffee contains Cordyceps, Chaga and Lions Mane mushroom extracts along with hormone balancing Maca. It is also lower in caffeine than coffee containing 50mg per cup – so roughly one third of a coffee shop version where caffeine amounts can vary wildly and sometimes be much higher. The main benefits for me so far are that I have been feeling noticeably calmer and more energised and unbelievably ( as I was VERY into coffee) I now cannot drink it!

The main reason for me wanting to give coffee a break is because I have been feeling higher levels of stress and anxiety (maybe due to the pandemic) and coffee will increase this further by locking onto a brain 🧠 chemical called Adenosine which helps to calm us and stopping it from doing its job! In addition, my higher cortisol (stress) levels had begun to affect my hormones in a negative manner, this was not nice 👎and finally pushed me into action to make the change.

Coffee does have many protective benefits, it contains antioxidants and recent studies have shown it can lower the risk of several diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. A person can either be a fast or slow metaboliser of caffeine which determines how quickly or slowly your liver is able to detox it. So caffeine may not affect some people but others can become wired for hours afterwards. So, if you are feeling more anxious and you have high stress levels at the moment maybe try some mushroom 🍄 coffee and hopefully you will reap the benefits too.

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