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By Faye Brocklebank BA Hons Fashion Technology
Designer, Tailor, Owner of Molly Brocks Frocks and all round lovely lady.

Nearly a year into this worldwide pandemic and most people’s lives have changed beyond all recognition. Many of us remember our ‘old lives’ with fondness; the pub lunches, the impromptu coffee-meets…our monthly nights out with the girls? I have almost forgotten what it feels like to get fully dolled up (and not just the top half for Zoom catch-ups). Part of that ritual was deciding on a fab outfit with a pair of killer heels. I adored heels! In all honesty, I can’t even remember the last time I donned a pair of heels!

Covid has seen approximately 46.6% of those employed, work from home on a near full time basis. Plus school closures and lockdowns have meant that whole families are spending a majority of their time indoors. Comfy slippers have never seen so much action! Our once coveted suede Ash ankle boots have been replaced with wellies for our park walks and gorgeous heels have been swapped out for sporty, functional ‘Dad trainers’ (actually a huge Gen Z trend – who’d have thought it?!) I fear that my feet have spread from all my designated comfy footwear, that I’m not 100% sure I could actually shoehorn a pair of heels on if I wanted to anyway!

In fact, according to fashion site Glossy, sales of heels went down by 71% in the 2nd quarter of 2020. However, I’m not convinced that Covid is solely to blame for this. Living in the age of ‘The Influencer’, trends come and go faster than the tides and there is always a newer, hotter footwear du jour. Celebrity culture is also a massive contributor. In 2017, we saw the launch of the infamous Balenciaga ‘Speed’ Sock Trainer, that adorned just about every famous rapper, sportsman and celebrity across the globe. Kanye’s ‘Yeezy’ fetched thousands on selling forums on their release, as did Jordan limited editions. Even Dr Martens have seen a surge with a 48% rise in revenue in 2020 alone. Don’t get me wrong I love heels but trends are key and the figures speak for themselves!

I live in hope…I still daydream about owning a pair of Carrie from ‘Sex in the City’s’ infamous cobalt jewelled Manolo Blahnik’s. I’m not giving up the dream entirely. One day, I will again wear heels. It may be on my solo weekly shop to Aldi, but I haven’t lost hope yet.

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