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Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid book cover

Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Long story short:

Emira Tucker, a young Black woman, is accosted by a security guard whilst babysitting a white toddler. Despite the situation being quickly diffused, it sets off a chain of events that explores racial and class divides in contemporary America. 


I had the pleasure of attending @thetimes Book Club where Kiley Reid was the speaker. Listening to her speak about the novel only made me appreciate the ingenuity that much more! 

This is one of my most anticipated reads of 2021: I had patiently waited for months for it to come out in paperback, and I slightly regret not reading it sooner! 

The prose is absolutely effortless, light and breezy. So much so, that you don’t realise the profundity of the subject-matter – it’s very sneaky! But in this way it mirrors the subtly racial micro-aggressions within society/people who try to be ‘woke’ without realising their own prejudices and/or saviour complex. Is ‘protecting’ and ‘helping’ the woke way of perpetuating control? It definitely gives you food for thought…

The characters were so brilliant! They were vibrant, loud and unique. I loved the subversion of the black female stereotypes, and the inter-character dynamics. I loved the exploration of class throughout the novel, and how this was portrayed through the characters. 

The only little criticism I have is that the ending felt rather abrupt, and seemed to be ever-so slightly underwhelming. I wanted it to go out with more of a BANG! 

Irrespective of that, this is an excellent novel: it is simple, but so so effective. I cannot recommend this enough and I cannot wait for Reid’s next novel! 

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