Five UK staycation destinations I want to visit post COVID

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I’ve mentioned it before on my blog but I love a staycation. To me, a staycation is a holiday taken in your home country. For me, that’s the UK. A staycation is NOT a holiday in your own damn house. Just wanted to clear that up to avoid the confusion. But yeah, I bloody love a staycation and exploring the UK is something I’ve really missed.

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I’ve not been abroad for a number of years, instead opting to explore different areas of the UK and what it has to offer. This was partially due to my anxiety and the fact that getting on a plane would have probably killed me at one point. But even so, now I’m in a position to get on a plane again (not that I can right now), I still wouldn’t neglect a good ol’ staycation.

I’ve shared a few staycation adventures on my blog before, including my press visit to The Ferry House Inn, a Lord of the Rings adventure at West Stow Pods and the Severn Valley Railway Steam Gala among others. But today I want to share some staycation destinations that I hope I can visit once it’s safe to do so.

Here are 5 staycation destinations on my wish-list:


I’ve wanted to visit Bath for a long time because I hear nothing but good things about it and from photos and videos I’ve seen, it looks beautiful. I’d love to visit the Roman Baths, take in the beautiful architecture of Bath Abbey and explore the picturesque city.

It would be super easy for me to get to bath by coach as well, which is what I’d probably opt for. My blogging friend Lisa from Lisa’s Notebook and I are hoping to meet up and go to Bath one day! If we ever can…

Scotland road trip

Can you believe I’ve NEVER been to Scotland? Nope. Never. Not even to Edinburgh or a city. The closest I’ve come to Scotland is Cumbria and The Lake District. In fact, where I stayed at The Lake District, I could SEE Scotland. I’ve just never stepped foot on it’s turf myself. But I would love to visit the Scottish Highlands!

My boyfriend and I have spoken about doing a road trip when one of us has a reliable car to take us on such a trip. There are plenty of great car brands, such as Vauxhall, which provide Vauxhall leasing of cars which would be perfect to take us around the North Coast 500.


My boyfriend’s parents live in Lincolnshire and despite the fact we’ve been together for 6 years (?) I’ve only ever been to Lincoln city once. And that was in the evening for a meal, so we didn’t even get to explore the actual city. Although I did have a walk around the Cathedral which is stunning.

So I think of all of these, this will be the first thing on my to-do list when it’s safe to do so. Not only can we visit my boyfriend’s parents after such a long time but also spend a whole day exploring Lincoln.

St Ives

If it’s not possible to go abroad for a while, then I definitely want to visit somewhere like St Ives. I’ve been to Cornwall once before on a surfing and adventure sports holiday (which was SO MUCH FUN and no, I can’t surf to save my life) but St Ives would be my perfect choice for a relaxing holiday.

After the stress of 2020 and 2021 (so far), it’s so very needed! And what better way to relax than in your own self catering cottage, by the beautiful coast!


And finally, Southampton. And the main reason I want to take a trip to Southampton is to attend the Southampton Boat Show. Of course this is a bit hit and miss right now as I’m not sure the next boat show will even be able to run due to COVID but hopefully in the future it’s something I can do.

There’s a few bloggers I know who are from Southampton and their photos always look so beautiful. A week exploring Southampton, the boats and all the local attractions sounds right up my street!

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