Now, while I will say there is a lot to blame men in general for, women are not always picture perfect either (there’s plenty of women’s prisons). So, rather than another divide between the sexes, how about we try to come together as team players? All the goodies on the left hand side and all the wrongun’s on the right. I know that without a shadow of doubt the lefts would bash the shite out of the right!

While I do appreciate that calling ‘attacks on women’ does put the onus on us (the fairer sex) where does that leave animal cruelty? At no point has anyone ever said that the animal called it upon themselves, its just a description of what has happened. So, yes, attacks on women are bloody diabolical and so are attacks on men, dogs, cats, children and the elderly… so is it not just a phrase, a meta description that describes the action?

There are instances when women do have to be mindful of a pervert (and we do take note of cab numbers and call each other when we are home safely) but this is not a reflection on men in general. It is sad that I can’t walk a dark alley at night when a man probably can, and I have to take certain measures to try to not put myself in harm’s way. But there are clear boundaries that are drawn, its called the law.

The thing is deviant’s don’t give one shit about the law or that my son/brother/father/husband would happily do time for a pervert; they know what they are doing is wrong and that is part of the power. So, rather than point a finger at all men, we need to find a way to weed out the scum.

Yes, we do need to not make allowances for ‘oh its just his way,’ or ‘he’s a bit handy when pissed’, all of that kind of tolerance does have to go for sure. Together we need to increase education and conversation to ensure that when a man is unwittingly causing a women to feel scared, he can try to diffuse the situation without causing further distress. The ‘I’m only playing/joking’ kind of inappropriate behaviour towards women does need to be called out for what it is; outdated, sexist, upsetting and damaging. Men need to tell their mates, and predominantly those that give off wrongun vibes, that if they step out of line, it will not be tolerated. In the words of the great Samuel L Jackson;

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger…

I’m certain that most men don’t stand back and let other men run a mock. Isn’t it a well known fact that rapists and kiddy fiddlers get a rough old time in prison? That the other inmates bash them for fun? That they are separated for their own protection, and even then a periodic beating happens. There’s no woman standing there instructing them to do it, they do it of their own accord because they too don’t appreciate the liberties being taken. What has come into hard focus recently is that it’s not just the extreme behaviours that require shutting down, it’s the Benny Hill and beyond and when it’s not a reciprocal ‘joke’.

The world is absolutely riddled with wonderful, respectful men that are kind and loving, supportive and just ace to be around, so let’s not cause another divide. Let us celebrate the goodness in either sex and come together for zero tolerance on anyone; male or female.



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