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Best Plants & Shrubs for March


Camellia are fantastic showy shrubs which bloom in late winter and early spring. They have large rose like flowers with glossy foliage. Camellia are fussy about where they are planted and it is essential they are grown in ericaceous soil, or in a container filled with ericaceous compost.

How to Grow Camellias

Helleborus x hybridus spotted pink

It is hard to resist Hellebores with their speckled and attractive flowers. Hellebores have a lot going for them, low maintenance, easy to grow, clump forming and tolerant of partial shade.

Hellebores look good just as one or two plants to lighten the winter gloom. If you have a larger area, particularly with some shade with shrubs and trees, it is a great setting for Hellebores which form clumps and will grow quite densely. More tips and images.


If you are looking for a trouble free, easy to grow Spring flowering shrub Forsythia will suit.

It has strong yellow flowers in March and can be clipped into a hedge. 

How to Grow Forsythia


March is spud planting time, at least it is for earlies. 

Little beats the taste of home grown potatoes and they are ideal for growing in containers, room for one or two on the patio.

Tips on Growing potatoes.

To read the full article click here The Sunday Gardener posted by AION with permission. We will feature The Sunday Gardener in future issues as there’s so much to learn and enjoy in our gardens.

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