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Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

Long story short:

Follow married couple Nick and Melissa, and best friends/former-girlfriends, Frances and Bobbi, as they fall in and out of love. 


Rooney has a real talent for creating and writing books about real people, however flawed and unlikeable they may be. 

Again, I was impressed by the simplicity of the prose in creating such a capturing and enchanting story. If I am being completely honest, I do prefer ‘Normal People’, but only slightly. This is a lot less intense, and a lot less depressing. However, like NP, the relationships in this book are complicated, yet so authentic. 

I found it really interesting that I felt nothing but pity for Nick. I saw so much, but also so little of myself in Frances. There’s such depth to these characters which is so very rare to emulate. I did feel slightly cheated by the ending. Frances went through such a journey only to “just choose chaos again” to quote my friend James (@jk.114). 

Nevertheless, this is a character driven novel that examines so many themes. Two of which include an exploration of endometriosis and Ireland’s very restrictive abortion rights. Both of which are topics that are not widely discussed in any books that I have previously read, so I really appreciated this consideration. 

Simply put, Sally Rooney has once again written another beautiful, honest and complex novel, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. 

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