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Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

Long story short:

Jessie, Nell and Cara are married to brothers Johnny, Liam and Ed Casey. Follow their adventures as they try to navigate extended family living without spilling any secrets…


So @ajcampbellauthor kindly asked me, and a few other lovely Bookstagrammers (I’ve tagged them in the post), to help run a book club on Facebook. This was our first March read as ’Novels & Natter’ – if you want to join, the link is in my bio! 

Coming in at a whopping 659 pages, this book is CHUNKY. So I was slightly apprehensive about starting it, because 600+ pages is a lot… especially when you’re not sure you’ll enjoy it as it’s not a thriller! Luckily that wasn’t the case. 

If I am completely honest, the first 1/4 was definitely the weakest. There were so many characters, and I kept having to refer to the family tree in the beginning! 

Also, as I’m a thriller lover, so the first section did feel rather slow. Once I hit that half way mark, I could not put it down – I literally devoured it! 

Stylistically, the writing is very effective. I do have to admit that I did have to ask my friend @jk.114 definitions on some Irish lingo – but it was ‘gas’! (I think I used that correctly) I love how it came full-circle at the end, and only then did I appreciate that it had to be the length it was! The ending was almost cathartic. It was entertaining, satisfying and engaging. 

As for the characters… wow! The character development and dynamics in this novel were phenomenal. I had so many thoughts and feelings: I can’t remember the last time I felt as much hate for a character as I did for Liam! 

Also, I loved the fact that there were 4 different coloured covers of the paperback – I’m #teampink (the best team)! 

This is my first MK novel, and I definitely do not think it will be the last! Please let me know if you have any recommendations.  

@ANovelPage rates this book as 8/10

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