What is the trend for Spring?

spring trends model in huge crystal jewellery

By Lauren Edwards

Spring can mean a time for something new. As nature wakes up and our evenings become longer, it can herald a new start for many. And whether that is by ‘spring cleaning’ your home, overhauling the contents of your wardrobe or adopting a healthier way of living, newspapers and magazines are awash with advice on how to reboot your life for this new season.

So, to help prepare you for what is in store for us this spring, I have decided to wade through the hot topics and provide you an overview of what we can expect.

Make-up free with unwashed hair

As we emerge from our lockdown lives, beauty magazines are encouraging a natural look to be taken out of the home and onto the streets. We are to bid farewell to contouring, no more bronzers or highlighters and instead of looking ‘made-up’, we are to adopt an ‘expensive skin’ look. We should be unafraid to bare our facial skin – even if imperfect. Perhaps I should invest in a good foundation or tinted moisturiser or maybe a big pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat!

At a recent Versace fashion show, models were seen sporting slicked down greasy hair on the catwalk. Apparently five-day-old hair is now perfectly acceptable and ‘wet look hair’ is the new trend amongst fashionistas and celebrities. Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hagid were both photographed recently with the ‘just got out of the shower look’ which was purposefully styled this way using oils and serums and not from having just recovered from the flu.

How to Pull Off the Wet Hairstyle Look

Teeny tiny handbags

We have all embraced a perhaps impractical handbag choice in our youth. As a child of primary school age, I went everywhere with my large ‘jelly bag’ (accompanied with ‘jelly shoes’ natch) and probably littered my path with sweets and scented erasers that fell through the holes of the bag without my knowledge. As a teenager, the trend at my school was to have a Jane Norman transparent shoppers bag to carry your school books in, along with a visible packet of Malboro Lights to show how ‘cool’ you were.

The trend for this year is the ‘micro bag’ as seen at the Chanel fashion show. Bags that appear to have been manufactured by The Borrowers are teeny tiny and can be worn attached to your belt hoop. I imagine only your earpods will fit inside or maybe a pack of chewing gum? Or a small bottle of hand sanitiser or folded up mask to accompany our lockdown exit?

Cosmic supersized jewellery

The question of whether crystals hold any kind of magical force remains a mystery to many. I have a favourite stone that I will pop into my pocket in certain situations as it brings me comfort, but for others it can be seen as bit of made-up witchcraft.

However, Swarovski has full on embraced the mystical crystal in their new Lucent Collection. Branded as their Wonderlab – where science and magic meet – this collection includes a dazzling selection of rings, necklaces and bracelets in bright crystal colours. They are not exactly subtle in design but the geometric jewels are definitely showstoppers.

I wanted to bring some Vitamin D to our hands. It’s like looking at sunshine on your finger.

Giovanna Battaglia Englebert, Creative Director, Swarovski
Swarovski Debuts Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert's First Collection  For The Brand

Bold colour choices

When I worked at a publishers in Soho in my early 20s, my hairstyle was a cinnamon pink bob and I confidently wore bright colours and adventurous fashion choices like you do in your youth. Nowadays, my wardrobe is a mix of mainly black, grey, dark green and navy with a few bits of red.

Despite most fashion shows currently being an online only affair, they have been far from dull. The colour palette that we are being encouraged to consider this spring is not for the faint hearted. Bold red, vibrant orange and sunset pink were prominent colours on the catwalk and will soon trickle down into our High Street stores. Colour-blocking is the buzzword for this season. Fendi’s Spring Collection mixed pastel blues with bright oranges and striking reds with baby pinks. We can always take the lead from Her Majesty the Queen who never shies away from a bold colour choice.

Queen Elizabeth's Best Monochrome Looks | InStyle



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