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My first Balayage experience

balayage hair colouring on dark hair from the back

My hair is bloody terrible, not just because of the lack of haircuts during the pandemic, but because it has always been bad hair. It’s fine in texture, like baby down, the sort of hair that a clip slides straight out of but a perm stays for years (circa 1993).

My first foray into hair colouring was lemon juice on a hot day, nothing happened. I’m dark haired, so I upped it a notch and went for a whole bottle of Sun-In, that worked! I was like Garfield and Michael Bolton’s love child, I could include a picture here but I’d have to kill you!

Colour and my hair has never really got on. My son has the best hair, rich chocolate brown curls, and even though I was aware that I didn’t possess his texture and thickness, I did once try to adopt his colour. Basically, a few shades darker than my natural colour, and hopefully a bit of extra shine. At first, that’s what I got, but within weeks my hair turned brassy. Repeat, fail to learn. Repeat, fail to learn. Why I keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a mystery. Years have gone by in this pattern, and no I cannot grow it out. My hair is bad hair when it’s brown, imagine it brassy, it’s like burnt feathers. Just No! As Zammo should have said.

I started to dye my own hair because it was a lot of cheaper and the results achieved from having it dyed professionally didn’t last any better. Brassy. I’m guessing by now you know that my hair is a bugger for going brassy despite my best efforts?

In Lockdown One, I was looking at nice hair on the Web, as I often do when I feel like torturing myself with extreme hair envy, and I started to actually read some of the articles. It hit me like a first sip of wine, yes, Balayage could be my answer.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique where hair colour is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect. That means the final look is less stripy than highlights of the past, while offering the same gorgeous dimension.

Then I read the following and I was like.. yep that’s me, where, when, NOW!

By adding warmth and softness back into your locks and always choosing your most flattering colour, you’re able to make your hair work for you—and even take years off your face instantly.

I finally got an appointment in November and I explained what I wanted; natural, sun kissed, just nice. My stylist Ruby nodded and I knew – she knew. It was exciting, I watched as other women had their hair dried, hoping I wouldn’t be too blonde. I guess we had all read the same articles because there was a lot of Balayage going on. Oh wow, some of the hair I saw was just stunning. Then it was my go. Would I look like a tortoiseshell cat or be ombre and youthful?

You can be the judge of that, but I was pleased. So pleased that I’m going for it again. This time with more caramel colours than blonde, and the huge hope that it won’t be another six months between visits.

NB. Please note the pic is hairdresser skills, sadly I do not possess such skill so its never been quite so good again.

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