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Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Long story short:

Daisy Jones & The Six were an iconic rock band from the 1970s. No-one knows the real reason they split up, until now… 


If I had a list of favourite authors, Taylor Jenkins Reid has easily placed herself there. Expectations were high after Evelyn Hugo, and I was not disappointed. 

I loved this book! Reid’s style of writing is lyrical and addictive. I literally devoured this book within a few hours. The interview format was unique and very clever; it really added a sense of realism to the story. 

I am embarrassed to say that I actually did google to double check it was actually fiction…(please tell me I wasn’t the only one because I’m still not convinced that it’s fake)!!

The character dynamics are excellent! There are such strong female characters, and even the minor ones are so layered and multi-dimensional. So fragile, yet so powerful – how does she do it? I could picture them all in my head, even down to the way that they spoke, and their mannerisms. 

It’s not as thought-provoking as EH: it’s more escapist. Although it does subtly explore the theme of addiction in such a devastating, yet real way. 

There’s so much I can say about how great this book is! There’s sex, there’s drugs and there’s rock n’ roll – what more can you want? I literally don’t have any complaints about this book. It’s definitely one of my top reads of the year! 

Simply put, it’s another masterpiece by Reid, one that you NEED to read asap! I, however, physically need the 27th May to hurry up so I can read her next book! 

@ANovelPage rates this book as 9/10

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