I thought we were reclaiming the streets?

I thought we were reclaiming the streets?

Firstly, let me clearly state that I am in no way saying one is more or less important than the other, they are both hideous, but why did I have to Google ‘Kent PCSO murder’ to find out Julia James’ name?

Julia James

Julia, 53, wife, mother and serving Police Community Support Officer, took her dog out for a walk in the day time, near her home, in Kent when someone set about her and she was beaten to death.

I was aware of the basics. I vaguely heard something on the news last week that a body had been found, then I heard that yes, it was being treated as murder, but that’s about it.

So where are the masses of outraged people? Ok, so a big ‘Reclaim The Streets’ protest isn’t what anyone wants to see again, because last time that didn’t end so well and the Covid rules still forbid it. However, as a member of the police community and a woman ‘just out walking her dog’, where are the voices that are calling for justice?

What’s the difference with the two cases? Why did Sarah Everard’s murder dominate the headlines, entice such fury and wake people up to the fact that women are still getting a raw deal, whereas Julia James’ murder has barely made the headlines?

Wayne Couzens was arrested and charged (excuse me while I spit) in Sarah’s murder pretty quickly, and yet police forensics have had to swab James’ dog in the hope of finding DNA as there is so little to go on.

But why hasn’t my social media feed been filled with appeals for help to solve this terrible crime? Why do I not have a temporary profile pic to upload on Facebook to show that I stand with Julia? Ladies, where are we? Julia James deserves the same emotion, the same effort, the same outrage, the same justice.

I realise that the police are doing all they can, this is in no way a criticism of them, I just wondered why the nation aren’t behind them baying for news, suspects and ultimately, whoever did this.

Who feeds the headlines? The news, do they decide which stories are important, or us, who can mount the pressure and keep a story on the front page because we won’t let it slide?

I truly hope that whoever did this is found and receives the punishment they deserve. RIP Julia James xxx

Lock up your daughters was a post written by AION that is just as relevant in this case.

It goes without saying, if you do have any information please report it to the Police or Crimestoppers



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