Here’s looking at you!

Here’s looking at you!

By Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

Put your best foot forward!

With the scent of summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about how we can get our bodies prepped for baring more flesh. Probably the most neglected area of the whole body is our feet. They are hidden away for much of the year in socks and only really start to make an appearance when the sun comes out, when really, they should be given attention all year round.

If you’ve been making the most of the great outdoors during the pandemic and going on longer walks than you usually would, your feet may be feeling in need of some TLC.

There are many things you can do at home to care for your feet, but if you have any concerns, always visit a Podiatrist.

  1. Keep your feet clean. Wash them on a daily basis, but avoid soaking them for too long as this can dry them out and disrupt your body’s natural oils, leading to dry, cracked skin. Using a foot spa or even a bowl of warm water with a fresh, minty foot soak is a fabulous way to revive tired, achy feet.  

    I love Tropic’s Walk On The Beach Collection which contains Ocean Fizz Foot Soak, a relaxing foot soak to loosen dead skin cells, a polishing foot pebble to gently exfoliate (not to be mistaken for a pumice) and Repairing Foot Remedy, that deals with hard skin that needs some extra nourishing. This whole collection is £24 or save £2 for an eco friendly unboxed alternative.
  2. Use a foot pumice or foot pebble as mentioned above, to gently buff and remove any hard skin or calluses that can build up on the pressure points, including balls of the feet and heels.
  3. Always dry feet thoroughly, concentrating on the areas between toes as this is where moisture can linger. Fungal infections such as Athletes Foot thrive in the damp.
  4. Whilst nails are soft from soaking, trim them in a straight line, avoiding going too short or shaping them as this can cause ingrown toenails and infection.
  5. Massage a moisturising cream such as the one mentioned above, into your feet, paying particular attention to areas prone to dryness, such as heels.

It’s been a long time since I had a professional pedicure, but this week my friend went for a treatment called Elim and highly recommended I get myself one booked!  Her exact words were ‘it’s like a facial for the feet’.  

That was all I needed to know and off I went to Google this medical grade, scientifically proven spa pedicure treatment that uses active ingredients to ensure the best results! I’ll let my feet do the talking and update you on my treatment in the coming weeks.  

In the meantime, keep your feet happy!



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