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you had it coming book review

You had it coming by B.M Carroll

Long story short:

Megan Lowe is working a shift as a paramedic, and is called to save the life of victim who she hates…Who is he? And who tried to kill him? 


I’ve never heard of, let alone read a B.M. Carroll novel before, but this will not be my last. This is an amazing book!! I devoured it, and I have no regrets because I absolutely loved it! 

This has a very original plot line, and I’ve never read anything like it before. I kept trying to guess where this would go, and what was going to happen, but I couldn’t. There were elements that I was shocked at, but mostly I was just so absorbed into finding out what was happening. 

It’s highly addictive, but please note the following trigger warnings: suicide, mental health, sexual abuse and rape. 

I loved the alternating perspectives. They were really effective and it mostly kept the pace of the novel moving. It does slow down with Bridget’s narrative at points, but I think it’s because it’s a very character driven plot. 

Speaking of, the characters were incredibly well-written, and I loved all of them. It had strong female characters, and who doesn’t love that? I really wish that Bridget had her own series: she was a great female detective, and I want to read more of her! 

This is such a compelling read, and I would highly recommend it! If you love psychological thrillers, then this is the book for you. 


N.B.: I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

@ANovelPage rates this book as 9/10

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