Collagen Power

Collagen Power

In recent weeks I’ve heard several people talking about Collagen Powder, “its more important than my mascara” my friend said… wow, said I, that’s a big statement.

Having not even tried collagen powder or, to be really honest, heard of it, or given it a nano-second of thought, it occurred to me that as a forty six year old I owed it to myself to investigate further.

OK, so I’m not Miss Marple, but I’m on the trail.

To my trusty pal – Google.

Firstly, what is collagen?

Collagen is one of the main proteins in the body and makes up most of our body’s tissues, muscles, bones, skin, hair, digestive system, and tendons – to name but a few. Some refer to it as the ‘glue’ that holds the body together because, as we age, our collagen production naturally decreases. Extreme sun exposure and improper diets (mostly those high in sugar) speed this up.

Collagen is great for hair and skin health – yes, this is why I’m on this quest! And it is also brilliant for gut health, digestion and your gut lining.

I have discovered that there are two kinds of collagen powder – marine and bovine.

But which is better?

Marine collagen vs Bovine collagen

Bovine collagen comes from cows. Not to get too graphic, but more specifically from the discarded skin, bones, and muscles of cows. That’s why it’s especially important to choose pasture-raised and grass-fed for the best quality.

Marine collagen comes from fish – either the skin, bones, or scales. If you’re a pescatarian and want to eat collagen, this is the type for you.

Basically, both bovine and marine collagen provide nearly the same benefits. Both are great for skin, hair, gut and bone health. However, bovine is slightly cheaper and might be the better choice for those with intestinal problems. On the other hand, marine collagen might be a better choice for those wanting faster results from collagen, those with skin and hair concerns, and for those that do not eat meat.

So as any detective worth her salt, I then looked for customer reviews and test results, by typing ‘best collagen powder’ into Google (I’m good at this detecting stuff aren’t I?)

Here’s the link

I decided to order Rocks and Roses Mango & Honey. Now, I know what you’re thinking and you’d be wrong. The flavour is not mango or honey, its more like you have stuck your finger in your ear and accidentally licked it a while later. My lips peel back from my face and I have to suppress a gag. Seriously people, this is a nasty beverage, 300mls of nasty. I’m so glad I ordered a months worth!

I have since discovered that it’s best to dissolve the powder in a little bit of hot water before adding the cold to the 300ml line, or else the expensive powder floats on the surface like the powdered paint we had at primary school back in the 80’s. Oh, and it’s the colour of radiation and makes your wee look like Fanta.

But does it work? I don’t know yet… sorry I’m laughing… all that and the jury is out. Once pubs open their doors and I am refused service without ID I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, I shall persist and hope for the best, and also hope the wind doesn’t change and leave me with my new collagen drinking expression!

Me drinking collagen powder


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