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Redefining your style after Lockdown

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By Sophie Black

Things are finally going back to normal. We can hug our family (cautiously), see our friends and enjoy a well deserved night out. 

And as I got ready for my said night out, I pulled on my tight black jeans, noting to myself that they were not quite this tight when I had bought them. I paired them with a standard ‘nice top’ and some black boots, and I stared back at myself in the mirror. Confusingly, I felt rather overdressed. 

Then it occurred to me. I have no idea how to dress myself in anything other than loungewear. 

Many people dress according to how they view themselves. We all wish we had the confidence to throw on a figure hugging dress, as we triumphantly toss our Spanx to one side and relish in how liberating it feels to not have our high-compression pants digging into our torso. The harsh reality of the matter is that we have all spent the past 14 months sprawled out in front of the TV in our sweatpants, eating anything and everything in sight. Unsurprisingly, the relationship we now have, not only with our body but also with our clothes, is majorly out of whack. 

As things start to change and restrictions begin to lift, we are essentially removing the mask, metaphorically and literally speaking, that we have been hiding behind for the past few months. The “mask” that consists of loose fitting loungewear and baggy pants. As we begin to step outside to normality, we are finally being forced to delve into the depths of our wardrobes and try to remember what we used to look like, along with the rest of society. 

If you are happy and content in your joggers then of course, that is absolutely okay too. This is for those of us who are desperate to escape the realms of loungewear but also cant quite bring ourselves to part with our trusty sweatpants. 

First things first, intimidation is normal. You used to spend every day looking through your wardrobe, being greeted by bright colours and pretty patterns, deep bold reds and electric blues. You revelled in the delight that it bought you as you put on clothes that made you feel powerful and confident. Now you hardly recognise it. So, take some time to get to know it again. Spend some time trying on pieces that you forgot you even owned, enjoy the different colours and textures and remind yourself of how amazing you felt when you wore something just because you could.  

We also haven’t just spent the last 14 months in leggings and trainers, to simply resort back to itchy, tight fitting clothes that cause nothing but discomfort. Sling-back flats and open heel loathers are my new go-to footwear choice. I still look like I made an effort but I don’t need to spend my evening grimacing in high heels that I can’t walk in.

Culotte and trousers and midi skirts help to hide a world of sins, and they are perfect for providing some much needed wiggle room as I make the most of not having to cook. Embracing our post-lockdown bodies will take some time, and it’s okay to feel frustrated if you cant get into the same pair of jeans that you wore before all of this craziness, but just remember to be kind to yourself.  You still deserve to feel good in whatever you choose to wear post lock-down.  

So, when you find yourself getting ready to go out for a much needed catch up, just remember that your friends will be far more focused on spending time with you than they will be on what you choose you wear, even if you haven’t quite let go of the sweatpants just yet.  

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