Hot tubs yay or nay?

Hot tubs yay or nay?

My brother and sis-in-law have just bought a magnificent looking wood fired hot tub, and to say they are pleased with it is like saying Mel Gibson enjoys a glass of sherry. I’ve seen photos of them in it, near it, kids in it, friends drinking prosecco in it. I’ve seen that this new purchase has been busy earning it’s place in their hearts. And I can see that they are all happy, which is lovely. Am I jealous and want to go in it? Not on your nelly. I don’t get it.

For me hot tubs are as divisive as caravans.

There’s so many people on my social media enjoying hot tubs and every bit of me is pleased for them, and pleased for me that I wasn’t invited. This isn’t even a looking a bit wobbly in a cozzie issue – this is a sharing of bath water issue. I probably have one bath a quarter when I forget that it’s boring, too hot and a bit soupy. I’m a refreshing shower kind of gal. So why in my leisure time would I want to share a bath, a hot bubbly bath? And don’t even get me started on jacuzzis and hot tubs in hotels or gyms, it’s enough to make my stomach lurch.

If you are a hot tub fan, please send me a post explaining where the fun is, I’m genuinely intrigued. I can see you all smiling and clinking glasses, but I can do that on a patio, in my clothes with dry hair. please I need to know if I should get over my fear of what’s lurking in the filter and join gang Hot Tub.



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