mare of easttown

Mare of Easttown Review

I have a friend who watches all the good telly, every time I recommend something she says, “Oh yeah I liked that,” or similar. The crux being, she’s already seen it. So, this week when I simply sent her a text saying ‘ MARE’ she had no idea what I was on about because she hasn’t got Sky.

I promptly invited her round for ten hours. That’s all she’ll need because this is binge-tastic viewing. It’s impossible to turn it off after just one episode, hence me trying to get mascara on still closed and watery eyes on Monday morning. It is the best telly I’ve seen in ages.

Kate Winslet is sensational, like out of this world sensational.

Our Kate has dropped her posh British accent and gone all American on us, but convincingly so. I’m not sure if an American would agree but to me she sounded like a native. She’s obviously been told to eat pre filming because she is a ‘normal’ forty year old woman’s weight, and she looks marvellous for it. How someone known for being so beautiful could allow herself to be filmed looking, well a little off her best, is the mark of a great actor. You forget that Kate Winslet is Kate Winslet and are totally absorbed in her chain-vaping, knackered and harangued character Mare.

The plot takes twists and turns that you don’t see coming, and there’s clever side lines running parallel to the main story so you really get to know Mare, and you don’t always like her. It’s an amazing script, not a word too many, nothing over stated, and the casting is brilliant. Every actor in this series earned their crust, even the kids are skilled actors already, and quite often child actors get on my nerves so that’s high praise indeed.

The ending is brutal on the mascara, but so so worth the ugly weeping and dry throat.

This is a series you must watch – Mare of Easttown on Sky Atlantic and On Demand, or a friend’s telly nearby – Carol.

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