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This post isn’t a political one, regardless of your views, AION have chosen to celebrate Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley and Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, because she is clearly a woman’s woman and isn’t afraid to shout about it.

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Strangely, I first discovered Jess Phillips as a panellist on Have I Got News For You and within minutes was impressed by her ballsy attitude. Here is a woman with bigger kahoonies than a lot of men, and one who has come under fire from trolls for years. On HIGNFY, she openly spoke about the onslaught of hate she faces on a daily basis – but why? What is there to not respect about a woman who stands in front of Parliament and demands to be heard while raising serious issues that affect everyone? Who are these trolls, fans of domestic violence? Fans of child poverty? What is it that is so objectionable about raising these issues, or is it that she is a woman? I’ll leave you to make your mind up about that.

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Jess Phillips was the MP that made the nation stop and think when she read all the names of murdered women out in parliament following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard.

Jess Phillips MP Twitter banner

You might already know me as that gobby MP who has a tendency to shout about the stuff I care about. Because I’m a woman with a cause, I have been called a feminazi witch, a murderer and threatened with rape. The internet attracts a classy crowd.

Phillips has written several books. Her most recent book, Everywoman received the review: “This book really is like reading a transcript of your cleverest, funniest friends.”

If ever there has been a recommendation that has piqued my interest, this is it. I might just have to read it now!

Jess Phillips Every Woman Book

After being threatened for years by a scary lunatic, full story link here, Phillips tweeted

“It’s just one of those things.” I shrugged and said to my husband after seeing this yesterday. Sick of the amount of stuff we feel we have to shrug off as one of the expected hazards of life as a woman.

So after all this hatred she’s had to absorb, all the horror that she sees in her role as Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding, how has Jess Phillips still got such a high functioning sense of humour, where most of us would be a gibbering wreck? She has dusted herself off and carried on, and this is why AION have chosen her as our brilliant and British this week.

I have met many people who earn way more than £30,000 and have literally no discernible skills, not even one.

I have definitely met some very rich people who earn huge amounts of money  who I wouldn’t let hold my pint if I had to go and vote while in the bar.

To watch the whole of her speech click here and enjoy Jess in full flow, impassioned and as witty as any stand up comedian.



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