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I read an article recently, ‘What would your dream job be?’ and a staggering amount of respondents answered, an author.

Of course, I can wholeheartedly identify with this, and I come over all jam making and country walking just thinking about it. I feel like I channel Enid Blyton as soon as someone says the word author. And no, its not because I wish to write about children having innocent adventures, it’s because it so blooming wholesome, the idea of sitting in one spot and penning a story that parents will read to their small children as they drift off to sleep is just perfection to me.

The fact that I swear like a sailor, that my sense of humour is definitely not suited to minors, and that my idea of adventure often involves alcohol and mishaps, has nothing to do with the fact that I am not a children’s writer. I lack the discipline (and talent) to actually get on with it and write more than a few hundred words in one sitting.

Which rather neatly brings me onto my next point.

If so many of us wish we were authors, there must be a few of us reading this. So, how about you write something for us? Something short that interests you, after all, And in Other News was set up to share interesting subjects that are not all about parenting small children, unless you’ve an amazing tale to tell. We want to know about your interests in art, craft, music, travel, food, we want to hear about your relationships, your family now and long ago, we want to read short stories, poems or life hacks and cleaning tips, basically what excites you, what floats your boat, and we want to hear it from new voices. You!

If you feel shy, don’t sign it. If you wish to remain under the radar, make up a name. If you are scared, all the better, the buzz will be great. Lauren, AION’s editor, is a true wordsmith and she can correct mistakes or tidy up a paragraph. So try it, be bold. Live the writers dream by starting small.


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