Say what?

What does your accent say about you ‘babe’?

According to a recent survey those of us from Essex sound less intelligent than most because of our accents. I blame TOWIE and not just for the accent problem!!

translation: I’ve had an idea, shall we purchase a quarter pounder burger

Long before TOWIE reared its fake tanned head, Essex was the butt of many a joke. Even back in the 90’s, Essex girl jokes were doing the rounds…

What’s the first thing an Essex girl does in the morning?
Goes home.

I realise TOWIE has opened the floodgates to accusations of us being thick, but why is it everyone has a comment to make about an Essex accent? Is it because so many people on the telly are from Essex making our accent instantly recognisable? From the TOWIE brigade to Sir Alan Sugar, Jamie Oliver, David Beckham (Chingford is as good as Essex and yes he is tarred with the same brush), James Corden, Stacey Solomon, Olly Murrs and Anne-Marie, even the great Dame Maggie Smith is from Essex. There’s so many more famous people, my list really could go on and on and on.

So why have we been picked on? What is it about Essex that draws such negative press. I’m not sure I can answer that, but one thing I do know is that whenever anyone from Essex is on the X Factor, they’re good, and do you know why, because us Essex dwellers tell it how it is and if the person was rubbish they’d have known long before they even applied, probably before they’d finished primary school.

For me, as someone with a strong Essex accent, I’m glad if anyone thinks I’m thick. It plays into my hands perfectly. Real scenario:

“You’re always rushing about like a lunatic. What have you forgotten this time?”

Me: “Nothing. I’m just up against it today.”

“You’re so silly you don’t know if you are coming or going.”

Me: “Yeah you’re right. I’m a bit thick.” (Mentally, you just saved me getting to know you, saving me a fortune in time and oh look I’ve just deleted you. Oops, off you pop, there’s a love).

I’ve found my accent to be somewhat of a super-power. It’s wheedled out all the snobs and all those that are a bit too judgy for me to bother with, both socially and especially at work.

Back in the day all broadcasters at the BBC had the same accent, even people from the north had to sound southern and speak the Queen’s English, they had to deny their roots for the sake of their careers. I think that’s sad. I mean looking back at archive newsreel its funny, but so much for going forwards. I like different accents, the same as I like different places, people and food. I think we should celebrate our differences….

translation: have you any thoughts on this matter?

Interesting Essex Facts:

  • Essex has a 350 mile coastline.
  • Borley Rectory is the most haunted house in England.
  • Rumour has it that five US presidents owe their legacies to Essex. Apparently most of the crew from the Mayflower hailed from Essex, inc the captain and the actual ship.
  • Colchester is Britain’s oldest town.
  • Southend Pier is the longest pier in the world.
  • Manningtree is Britain’s smallest town.
  • The oldest recorded competition in Britain, the “Great Dunmow Flitch Trials” are one of the more bizarre historic events to come out of Essex. Happening every four years and dating back to 1104, married couples compete to prove their devotion to each other – and the winners are awarded a flitch of bacon (that’s half of a pig that has been cut in half lengthwise, but then you already knew that).
  • 14,000 listed buildings.

That’s not too shabby a list for a bunch of thickos!



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