The Kominsky Method

The Kominsky Method

When my good friend said I should watch The Kominsky Method because, I quote, “you will absolutely love it, I promise,” I readily tuned into Netflix with a bag of popcorn and a lot of hope.

If you have not heard of The Kominsky Method it’s a series starring Michael Douglas as an acting coach who had previously had a modicum of fame back in the day. We follow Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas) through his daily life; the ups and downs of friends, health and career as a 75-year-old ex ladies man, actor and someone who seems to have become a lot nicer with age.

I was fairly unimpressed by the first episode, but as with so many new shows, you have to give it a fair chance and I figured it was scene setting. I also had to get used to Michael Douglas having, what appeared to be, Shergar’s borrowed teeth. I was about to call my friend and ask if she knows me at all -absolutely love it my hole!

But, by the third episode I could see that it had legs and I was starting to warm to Michael Douglas, but not nearly as I had warmed to his best pal Norman (Alan Arkin) who was hilarious with just the right level of sarcasm. Ok, thought I, I’m in.

Next to appear was Kathleen Turner – Wow! I paused the telly and got Googling. When you see her you’ll know what I mean, but again, she was funny too. I remember Douglas and Turner starring in Romancing the Stone back in the 80’s, they were good then and they are again.

Asked of their forty year friendship off screen:

“You protect and cherish when you’ve got a good relationship,” says Douglas.

Throughout the series, various Hollywood stars play cameos. Last night Morgan Freeman was in the one I watched, before that, it was Danny DeVito (another pal from Romancing the Stone) – they’ve been BFFs for fifty years, which makes me think Michael Douglas must be a pretty decent man in real life to have friendships that can withstand the tests of Hollywood time.

Paul Reiser is also fantastic in this, I’ll save you the Google, he’s the guy from Mad about You which he starred in with Helen Hunt. Another save for you, Lisa played by Nancy Travis is Sylvia (the mum) in Three Men and a Baby. Okay, last one, introduced in series two, Danny is Haley Joel Osment, the kid from The Sixth Sense who sees dead people! And the girl in the acting class that looks like him, is his real life sister.

For me, not only is The Kominsky Method a great series, and yes I do love it, it’s like I’ve been invited into a private club hosted by Michael Douglas that all his friends agreed to be in – just because it was him. The chemistry between the cast members is so organic and it goes without saying that the acting is top class. So, once you get over the dental situation, and the visual horrors of ageing, get yourself comfortable and settle in. “You’ll love it, I promise”.



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