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@ANovelPage reviews…

Forgive Me by Kateri Stanley

Long story short:

Long story short: Stripes is an investigative journalist who is haunted by her past: her father was murdered by a mysterious serial killer. Her services are requested by Isaac Payne, who, unbeknown to Stripe, holds the secrets to her past… 


This small, but mighty, book packs a punch, and I would gladly be punched multiple times by this book! 

It is an incredibly fast-paced novel, and there there is a lot that happens within this very short book! There are many twists and turns – some of which I never would have been able to predict. 

The prose is very atmospheric and creepy; this is something that is very hard to convey to reader, but Stanley did a great job. 

The book is set over multiple timelines – it does get a little bit confusing sometimes, but trust the process! I found it to be a really effective manner of storytelling. 

I was really surprised that there was as much romance as there was! I hadn’t anticipated it, but it did add another layer of depth. 

I can’t decide whether it’s a thriller, horror, sci-fi, romance, fantasy or what? So assume it’s all of the above, and more! 

Personally, the ending felt like a little bit of a let down. Also, there were points where I was slightly confused, so I found myself having to flick back in order to make sense of what was going on. 

Nevertheless, this is a very compelling, tense and thrilling debut novel! It’s unique, refreshing and transcends literary genres – definitely one to pick up! 

#ANovelPage rating 7/10

N.B.: I was kindly gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.

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