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The Joy of Body Tapping

By Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

With life getting back to it’s pre-Covid busyness, the time we gave ourselves during lockdown seems to have become a distant memory for many. For me, 2020 was all about self care and self love. Time for a pause button on life and to focus on the health and wellbeing of myself and my family more than ever.  

I’ve always been into a very strict skincare routine, morning and night, but alongside this, I looked into ways to improve my mood and energy and found the amazing Hayo’u tools. My love for them grew during 2020 to the point where I became a stockist for them in my salon. 

Their products range from oils, beauty restorers and precision tools, to combing and body tappers. 

As someone who loves exercise, I’ve always used a foam roller after runs and bike rides to iron out any knots and aches and pains. Although, I do find them quite uncomfortable so was very intrigued to learn about body tapping.  

Body tapping is the ultimate way to supercharge your energy levels and has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

I’ve been using the Hayo’u Body Tapper Bamboo to give an invigorating self-massage, which only takes a minute and instantly improves your circulation and energy levels. I’m now a convert! I LOVE my Bamboo Body Tapper! I use it every single day, morning and night and it’s part of my pre and post daily running/exercise ritual to ease sore muscles.  

This amazing self massaging tool relieves stress in the muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins and waste. It helps to shift lactic acid build up and gives instant muscle relief, so perfect for before and after exercise (and in my opinion, much more pleasurable than a foam roller!). 

If you tap with vigour, this tool will stimulate your circulation, giving you an instant hit of invigoration. If you do it gently and slowly, you’ll find it very relaxing. Studies have shown it may have great after effects on both mental health and immunity. 

Due to its length, you can get to all the hard to reach areas such as upper back and shoulder blades. It’s perfect for easing stiff muscles so great for anyone who sits at a desk all day.  

Tapping the skin on a daily basis enables the free flow of all important circulation. In as little as one-minute a day, an all over body tap can clear areas of stagnation, support lymphatic drainage and encourage a smooth flow of blood and Qi (vital energy) around the body.

We have many lymph nodes in the abdomen, so it’s particularly good to focus around this area. In Chinese medicine, tapping the abdomen supports the vital organs, which control the overall health of the body.

Key Benefits

The Hayo’u Body Tapper Bamboos are hand made using only natural and environmentally-friendly products.

They are priced at just £28 and are a great investment to reset and rebalance yourself.

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