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The First Day of School

By Anne Gleeson

Today was an important day in our family.  My great granddaughter Sarah started Kindergarten.  You might ask why the is so important and so special. You see Sarah was born at 27 weeks gestation and at birth and weighed just under 800gms.  She was such a tiny little thing that fitted into the palm of your hand. 

On the day that she was born while I was very elated that my oldest grandchild was now a mother, I stood by the humicrib and cried.  My granddaughter asked her mother why grandmother was crying.  Her mother said you know grandmother she cries when she is happy and cries when she is sad.  I was actually crying because I did not hold much hope for this tiny scrap of a little girl.   Fifteen weeks later Sarah came home from hospital and has gone from strength to strength.  I am not pretending that it has been easy for my granddaughter but she too has gone from strength to strength as a mother.  Sarah now has a brother and in order to delay an early arrival in this pregnancy my granddaughter spent seven weeks in hospital.

Sarah has bought much joy into the family and her birth gave us five generations of females. My Mum who is almost 95 experiences great joy when her children, grand children and great grandchildren visit her.   Today 1st February is Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary.  Had Dad been alive the would have been married for 73 years.

At the end of her first day at school Sarah tells me she had a good day.  She says she has a lovely teacher and likes all the kids in her class  but that one of the girls is mean. She told me she got to colour in and she is going to go back on Monday. 

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Anne is a new guest writer to AION. She currently lives in New South Wales, Australia, is 69 and an avid writer. You will definitely be hearing more from Anne.

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