@ANovelPage reviews…

@ANovelPage reviews…

The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

Long story short:

Long story short: A group of old friends are on a New Year’s break in the deep Scottish wilderness. Soon after their arrival, one of them is found murdered… 


I read The Guest List last year, and I was so disappointed, so I put off reading this until recently.

It was very similar to TGL, but I definitely preferred this! 

I know we’re all being green and saving the environment, but I’m not a fan of recycling the same story. Isolated location? Tick. Group of friends? Tick. Dead body? Tick. Secrets? A whole load of them! 

Usually I hate ego-centric, entitled and elitist characters, but I actually found them really interesting. I did wish all of them would die at certain points, and I did manage to predict who the dead guest was. However, I couldn’t predict the circumstances leading up to the death. 

I’m a huge fan of multiple PoVs, but I found myself confused as to why some of the characters were narrating. I wish that there had been one character narrating the whole thing. 

Along with the changing characters, the narratives kept changing between past and present, and I found that there wasn’t much distinction at points!

It was an easy and relatively fast-paced novel, but it is painfully similar to The Guest List… albeit a little bit more enjoyable! 

#ANovelPage rating 6/10

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