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Each week we are going to feature women who are literally living their best life. First up is…

Deborah Jones – Fine Artist

Ever since I was little I have been passionate about drawing. I studied at Central Saint Martins in London, which was an amazing place to be, surrounded by creatives. My main area of study was printed textiles but I kind of wished that I had done fine art!

After a variety of jobs, I ended up at Osborne & Little, I loved the environment, being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, seeing collections journey from drawing board to showroom. However, whilst at O&L, I was employed as the Design Directors Assistant and my job was more office based and my art skills were sadly not required. I was never really happy behind a computer! I left O&L when I got married and then I had my three children. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since leaving St Martins!

When the kids started school, I joined a local art class. It was here that I got my passion back for painting. I painted a picture of my house, which then led to my first commission from a friend. The work at the beginning was very sporadic but I worked hard building up my portfolio and it soon spiralled and I was swamped with commission after commission. I soon had an extensive variety of art and I felt elated that I was selling my artwork and building up a business doing something I loved so much. 

My commissions are so varied, including everything from animation to abstract and fine art, I never get bored. I’ve had some really interesting jobs. With one such commission I was asked to turn an animation of Catwoman into a portrait.

In each job I do I find it vital to get the foundations of the piece of art just right, which often involves a lot of back and forth sketching with the client. I particularly love using spray paints on huge canvases and then the tiniest brushes on fine art pieces.

I’m always thinking of ideas and ways to paint to produce something different and think about what I would like to have hanging on my wall. I’ve always got a paintbrush to hand, if I’m not painting art, then I’m painting the house!

Valley of the Dolls – Deborah Jones

My inspiration comes from looking at interior design magazines, researching colour trends and putting them into my paintings, from nature and places that I have travelled to. I’m also lucky to live right by the forest! 

My work fits in perfectly around my family and I can choose the hours I put in. Sometimes I can be painting until the early hours, trying to juggle my commissions, home and school runs. I have now achieved sales in Europe, USA and I print work to stores nationwide including designs to Nike. 

Commission Palm Leaves – Deborah Jones

I’m really enjoying LinkedIn, with global contacts and collaborations in the pipeline. Most of all I’m feeling very lucky to be paid for something I absolutely love to do! 

Underwater – Deborah Jones




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