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After the End by Clare Mackintosh

Long story short:

Max and Pip have such a strong and unbreakable relationship. But then their son is ill, and it’s up to them to decide his fate. 


So I picked this book up thinking that it would be a nice cheery read…I was wrong…so very wrong. I did really enjoy it, but I have thoughts!!

The book was profound, poignant and powerful, which was heightened by the fact that Mackintosh went through something similar herself. 

I loved the way in which it was written: it was thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and emotionally charged. 

The characterisation was great! Although, I did really dislike it when Pip wouldn’t let Max be sad. Why does he have to hold it together because he’s the husband?

Anyway, the dual narrative was excellent in illustrating the different perspectives held by Pip and Max. However, where this book excelled was via the addition of Dr Khalili’s narrative – it added depth, and made it that much better. 

The way in which the second half of the novel is written is fascinating. It’s very inventive, and I didn’t actually expect it. 

It did get a little bit confusing at points, but I made sure to read it in one sitting so it didn’t get muddled in my head! 

I do have to admit that I feel SO cheated by the ending. I would have liked a definitive answer in regards to the judge’s decision. I hate being left on a cliff hanger ending, this is just my personal preference though.

Also, potential spoiler, but who was the person she married?!?!!?!?!? DM if you have read this, because I was confused.com. 

Nevertheless, this is a must read! I would highly recommend this, but maybe have some tissues nearby? 

#ANovelPage rating 8/10

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