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The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

Long story short:

Maia is one of 6 sisters whom have been informed that their adopted father has died. They’ve all been left individual clues regarding their true heritage: Maia’s journey takes her to Brazil. 


This was Novels & Natter’s July pick of the month. To say I loved it, would be an understatement!! 

It’s 622 pages and I read it in a day (it was meant to be read over the whole month)… So whether that tells you that I have no self-control, or that it’s a bloody good book, I’ll let you decide. 

What shocks me the most is that this is not the type of book that I would EVER pick up and read – it’s just not very ‘Amrit’.

Despite being a heiffer of a book, it’s so easy to read. I literally was absorbed within the novel. The language is simple yet so effective. If anything, it wasn’t long enough! 

I don’t want to say too much about the characters… I will say that they were masterfully created with such depth. 

I loved seamless interwoven narratives of the present and past. You can tell that the historical aspects were meticulously researched and, as a history graduate, I really appreciated this! 

You do have to suspend your belief completely because some of the events, including the overarching premise, would just never happen in real life! Usually, I’m not a fan of books like this, but this was just amazing. 

I’m unsure of whether it’s a good thing that this is part of a series. It’s bad because I have to read the entire series ASAP, but I’m on a book-buying ban and I need a job! It’s good because, look above! 

I know some people have not enjoyed this at all, but I loved it so so much! Definitely worth picking up and reading for yourself. 

#ANovelPage rating 9/10

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