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Pack light, pack right!

By Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

The summer holiday season is well and truly upon us and this week I am looking at how to pack light, but right for your vacation by streamlining your skincare and make-up. Whether you’ll be living it up in Ibiza, taking in the sights of a European city or lounging on the beach in the Caribbean, packing for your holiday shouldn’t be stressful.


I remember the days when taking skincare away on holiday meant packing large bottles of products in your suitcase, wrapped in beach towels or stuffed into shoes to avoid explosions and spillages. Think Ross Geller from Friends and his major shampoo explosion! 

The weight of deodorants, shower gels and skincare alone was enough to make you stand cringing at the check-in desk, hoping you’d estimated your suitcase weight correctly. There would always be some poor soul who had to unzip their bag, frantically start unpacking their essentials in front of everyone to get the weight down and, on many occasion, I prayed that person wouldn’t be me.

Then there is the security control to consider. How many times have you realised your liquids, gels and perfumes that you were carrying in your hand luggage are all over 100ml? There’s nothing worse than starting your much awaited holiday in the sun, knowing you’re leaving behind a bottle of your most favourite perfume or facial moisturiser with the airport security staff.

Thankfully those days are long gone. Packing light for travelling not only means a capsule wardrobe, but also down-scaling your bottles and packaging, without the need to compromise your make-up look or sacrifice your skincare regime.

Many supermarkets, chemists, online shops and high street drug stores such as Boots and Superdrug sell reusable silicone or plastic bottles and jars that are not only perfect to decant products into, but also the optimum size if you only have hand luggage. Some even come with a micro-funnel so there is no spillage when transferring. This is the perfect way to take just the right amount of product with you.

Don’t be tempted to ditch your skincare routine for your holiday and use face wipes to save on suitcase space! Just a few minutes of decanting and labelling means your skin won’t be compromised on holiday to make room for that extra pair of sandals.

Depending on what range of skincare you use, many brands sell travel sized products. This is not only a good way of taking your favourite daily essentials with you on holiday, but perfect if you’re thinking of switching to a new brand, but don’t want to pay for full sized products.

Rather than packing shower gel and liquid bathing products, choose an eco-friendly cleansing body pebble from Tropic. These products are a concentrated body wash, not to be confused with soaps which can often disrupt the skin’s natural pH and cause irritation. The pebbles are far gentler on skin, come wrapped in recyclable packaging, give a great lather, are available in 6 amazing scents and you can also purchase a separate pebble pouch which acts as a great exfoliator and bag to hang the pebble to dry. Plus they last so well!

Whilst thinking of less liquids to pack, shampoo bars are also extremely popular and, like the cleansing body pebbles, are great value for money and environmentally friendly. One bar should last as long as three bottles of shampoo.  

If you’re travelling somewhere hot, there’s nothing worse than getting out of the shower and having to blow dry your hair in the heat. Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a break from heat and styling. Instead, embrace the ‘beach, tousled look’ and pack a travel sized bottle of Sea Salt Spray. Spritz a generous amount over wet hair, scrunch and leave to dry naturally. Dry Shampoo is also a great product to take away with you and is sold in travel size.

Lastly, make-up. This is usually the area where we end up over packing. I know I always did and never seemed to use half of it, preferring a natural sun kissed glow to my skin rather than various layers of foundation, concealer and powder. It’s far easier to take individual products that can double up and be used elsewhere on the face, such as a cream blusher makes a great lip tint and an eyeshadow makes a good brow powder or eye liner.  

If, however, you love your make-up and don’t want to compromise, an even better option is Tropic’s innovative and multi-award winning, customisable Colour Palette.  This product has honestly changed my whole make-up bag. Gone are the days when I carried around 10-12 separate products. The Colour Palette offers over 60 shades, available across 9 different products and 3 textures. It’s innovative system can generate over 15 billion unique combinations! Pans are slotted into corresponding magnetic trays and placed into the Palette case. Pans come in three sizes and both the pans are trays are completely recyclable. The Colour Palette is customisable, quick and convenient. Everything make-up should be and for just £68! If anyone would like help building and customising a palette to suit their skin tone, please drop me a message.


Wishing you all happy, light, travels with no major shampoo explosions!



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