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I have just returned home after a few days by the sea, and yes, wasn’t I lucky with the weather? All of our regular AION readers will be aware of my unfortunate hair, and for those of you that are new, let’s just say my hair is sad, pathetic really, but I didn’t get acne as a teenager and them’s the breaks!

So it was hot and I even ventured into the extremely cold sea. Of course, the teenagers thought it hilarious to splash me and then, as I was hobbling out of the water over rocks and sharp things, one of the little darlings took a photo. Usually that would have given me the power to run on water and delete the aforementioned wet dog style pic, but on this occasion I thought no, let it be.

Why you ask? Why would you risk such a photo being shared on the family iCloud? They could put that on a Moonpig style birthday card and make me display it before my friends and family. Such an unnecessary risk you shriek!

But I will tell you why.

My father-in-law died a few years ago. My mother-in-law is still grieving and I thought at Christmas how nice it would be if the kids (aka me) bought her a hot water bottle cover, printed with a picture of him on it, so that on a draughty night she could have a little warm cuddle. But do you think I could find a photo of him? There’s one at our wedding, I think there’s the side of his head in one photo at my son’s christening, and at my daughter’s christening there’s a hand that I’m confident belongs to him. This man was as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel. He had senses that told him to duck, turn his head, raise his hand, but seemingly none that said stand there and smile.

The hot water bottle idea still came about as my daughter is nifty on Pro Create and drew a great pic that embodied the very essence of him. My ma-in-law loved it, and yes, there were tears.

I have read on other occasions of women – particularly those frozen with hair that looks like a tattoo, ungainly clambering out of the sea, whilst still winter white and lockdown chunky – refusing to be in photos and why? Really who cares? Who is going to see it and feel sick (aside from me)?

When I’m too old, or they are too busy with their own lives, or even after I’m dead and gone (ages away please), I want my children to remember that I was a good laugh, and that we had loads of fun. My natural self, not my going out for dinner pre photo approval self, the real me, their Mum with terrible hair but wasn’t I great and didn’t we laugh?

For me it’s time to get in the picture. In fact, to take more with me in them, not me always taking the photos so that when we all look back I was there too, and not a rogue hand or a side of my head. I was there beaming at the front, pleased with my lot, because aside from my hair, life is pretty good.



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