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The one and only Rosie Jones

Last night I was exhausted in bed and was listening to Live at the Apollo rather than watching it. Rosie Jones was on, and instead of being focused on her disability, because I had my eyes shut, I just listened to her routine. Although she jokes about her slow speech, she has clinical comic timing. My goodness she can play an audience.

If you don’t know her yet, trust me you will. Rosie Jones is a stand up comedian, writer and actress who also happens to have Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. She makes jokes so close to the bone only she can deliver them and receive laughter in return. She’s pretty dark at times and plain hilarious at others.

Jones originates from Bridlington, and was hired by Channel 4 as part of a disability scheme as a researcher, before going on to stand-up at Edinburgh Fringe and writing for The Last Leg during the Paralympics 2012.

Jones incorporates her slow speech pattern into her comedy, constructing jokes to subvert the punchline that audiences expect. For instance, she has used the opening line “As you can tell from my voice, I suffer from being northern.”

I am proud to be a gay, disabled woman but it has taken me a while to get here

Jones has also joked that the BBC just love her.

I read this in an article by the Guardian and I like it, it struck a chord.

You seem to unashamedly find yourself funny…

It’s my biggest downfall. No one finds me as funny as I find myself! Sometimes I do have to rein it in slightly, but I think that shows my personality. I find the joy in all of life, and I think if you can make yourself laugh, life can’t be that bad. I’m usually the person laughing to myself on the tube.

She calls herself a triple threat — “disabled, gay…and a prick”

Rosie Jones

Rosie did get in trouble in early 2020 after a joke she made about Greta Thunberg on the NY Eve episode of The Last Leg was not greatly received. I saw it and actually thought it was a bit of a wow! but also quite funny. Twitter turned on Rosie with people saying it was a step way too far, then Katherine Ryan (Canadian born comedian) waded in defence of Jones saying:

“A lot of the time when people get offended, it’s not the joke, it’s the fact that they’re too thick to understand the joke. I absolutely think that’s what happened.”

Ryan went on to say that she didn’t believe Jones wanted to upset Thunberg with the joke, adding: “Do you think Rosie Jones meant any harm at all towards Greta Thunberg? It’s just so ridiculous.

“There are grown men all over America, and the world, who wish actual harm against Greta Thunberg and Rosie is not one.”

So if you are unfamiliar with Rosie Jones I suggest next time she is due to appear on a panel show you tune in, because this is one funny lady you will warm to quicker than a cat by the fire unless you are Greta’s mum!

If you want to read the joke click here



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