We are a funny nation

Remember David Blaine, all full of himself and getting slated in return, well someone else has just lined themselves up in the firing line, and so far it’s brilliant.

Step forward Matt Hancock

So while it’s a worthy cause, and running a marathon is tough, I’ve nearly fainted with mirth and it’s only a handful of comments deep so far.

In case Matt wises up before the morning, I’ve hand selected a few nuggets of mirth for you to enjoy…

Here’s an idea, after the marathon is completed Matt could perhaps get one of his mates to award him BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

I do hope the page stays up as the hospice will make a fortune with all the £2 donations to give Matthew a few choice words – keep donating and laughing people. This is could go down in legend with the likes of Boaty McBoatface.

To read all the comments click here some are quite sweary be warned.

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