silver haired german ravers

The Brilliant Gunther and Britt

By Lauren Edwards

“In old age, life just begins.”

A friend of mine recently sent me a short video of an exquisitely dressed couple, both in their 70s, dancing in a bar to techno music. The couple, Gunther Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja, are friends from Berlin and are self-confessed fashionistas, embracing their twilight years by wearing statement outfits and celebrating in style.

This power couple have become Instagram stars with Gunther amassing over 120,000 followers and Britt having over 60,000 followers. Each of their Instagram posts are expertly curated to showcase their unique style, displaying handpicked accessories; hats, umbrellas, bags and canes, often against a back drop of Art Deco decadence.

Britt’s perfectly posed shots feature a glimpse into her home town of Berlin. Each photograph is often accompanied by her poetry or inspirational quotes. Born in Berlin, Britt Kanja became a professional dancer and toured the world. She is a true Berlin icon and a regular fixture in the cultural scene of the capital.

I immerse myself into a moment with the delicious smell of coffee and look forward to one day enjoying this happiness again, with friends in a cherished café.

Dubbed as the ‘hipster grandpa’, Gunther was born in Hanover and worked as a chef for fifty years. He was married and had a daughter before coming out as a gay man. He also now lives in Berlin and has dedicated many years providing end of life care to AIDS patients. Gunther is a model and author and has written the book Just Be Yourself – You’re Never Too Old to Be Young.

No matter what happens to you, if you think you’ve failed in life, the day will come when you see weakness as strength.

Elderly Friends Are Fashion Icons Who Treat the World as Runway
Elderly Friends Are Fashion Icons Who Treat the World as Runway
Meet the Most Stylish and Lively Senior Couple

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