Important Update from AION

Dear readers

We will be taking a little break from writing our beloved magazine as we have some exciting plans that we need to hunker down and work on. So please do bear with us as we make some important changes.

We still have lots of fab content on our website so do scroll back and catch up on any articles that you may have missed at AION.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to our followers, readers, guest writers and sharers. We have featured over 270 articles, reaching a global audience and have hit over 18,000 views, making us a very proud group of ladies.

However, our little venture would not be possible without your support so THANK YOU. We will be back soon with more ways to empower and support one another. We promise to continue to deliver high quality content and hope that the next phase of our master plan will keep you coming back.

Watch this space and we will return soon with our exciting update!

With our very best wishes

Lauren, Celia, Justine and Kelly

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