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By Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

My skin is dry all the time at the moment from the cold weather, central heating and sanitising.  What can I do?

A walk in the brisk cold air to a quaint, cosy pub where you can warm yourself in front of a roaring log fire. That sounds like heaven right? Your skin, however, may be thinking differently. The winter months can cause so many skin problems and complaints including dryness, tightness, redness and irritation. Skin is stripped of moisture during the winter season and with the sudden fluctuating temperatures (going out into the cold and back into central heating), it can cause dryness and sensitivity.

Here are some things you can do to protect your skin throughout winter and beyond.
1. Wear SPF

If you are going to be out and about, you must always wear a high factor SPF, no matter the weather. UVA and UVB, especially UVA, can penetrate through the clouds and is so strong that it can even penetrate through glass. Wearing sunscreen will give protection from all the elements that can damage your skin. This not only includes the daily problems of redness, irritated and dry skin, but also long term skin damage, premature ageing and even skin cancer. Choose an SPF that contains Hyaluronic Acid which will add moisture to your skin as it protects. Make including a sunscreen part of your morning skincare routine to ensure you never skip it!

2. Hydrate

Skin dehydrates fast in cold, windy weather. You will soon know when your skin is dehydrated as it will look dull and feel dry and fine lines and wrinkles will be more prominent. This is your skin crying out for moisture. Try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Not only will this rehydrate and plump your skin, but it will also flush out toxins and impurities to reveal a clearer looking complexion.

Tip: Keep a glass of water by your bed and drink this on waking, before you grab a coffee! It will not only help to flush toxins from your body, but it will also set you up well for the day, so start as you mean to go on.

3. Feed and nourish your skin 

The skin is the largest of our organs, but seems to be the most forgotten about when it comes to feeding, nourishing and protecting it. Find a daily skincare routine that you can maintain twice a day, all year round. Self care is so important and looking after your skin will not only keep it in great condition, but will ensure you look younger for longer.

When moisturising, ideally choose a product containing Vitamin E; which is excellent for repairing broken capillaries. When it’s cold and windy, the skin can often experience capillary problems and these show up as red marks on the surface of the skin.  

Apply Hyaluronic Acid after you have cleansed and toned and before you moisturise each morning. This will give a protective layer to your skin, help to lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It will keep skin continuously moisturised throughout the day.

Also add a face oil into your evening routine. I love the multi award winning Tropic Super Greens. It’s a nutrient boosting oil containing Vitamin C, Tamanu, Kale and Broccoli seed oils. It helps to boost skins natural defences and protects against pollution. It accelerates skin healing, is rich in B vitamins and helps to ease redness so it’s great for anyone suffering from Rosacea (which can flare up in the colder months). It also gives a super healthy kick of anti-oxidant rich pressed veggies for your skin.

After you have bathed or showered, always apply a body lotion to hydrate the skin. Choose one that is non greasy so you’re able to dress quickly after. If you’re not using the right products, the chances are you won’t be inclined to continue using them on a regular basis.  

For anyone who has read my articles before, you will know I am a huge advocate for Tropic. All of their skincare products are made using the latest green science and natural plants, fruits and flowers which work in harmony to feed, protect and nourish your skin. Their products are cruelty free, vegan, 100% natural and freshly made to order. 

4. Get your beauty sleep

When we sleep, the body (including your skin) repairs itself. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep each night and help your skin to do it’s job by applying oils and intensive hydrating treatments last thing after moisturising.

5. Don’t forget hands

We all know that hand washing can lead to dryness of skin, but this has now become even more prevalent with the constant use of hand sanitisers and increased hand hygiene. Effective hand sanitisers that contain alcohol and other harsh bacteria killing ingredients, can also severely dry out the skin and cause sensitivity.  

Each and every time you wash your hands, apply a non greasy hand lotion as this will help to keep hands soft, smooth and provide a protective layer of moisture to prevent dryness and irritation.  Once or twice a week, exfoliate using a hand scrub to rid the hands of any dry, flaky skin and apply your hand cream afterwards for protection.

Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

As a freelance makeup artist I have worked with hundreds of women either to create ‘their everyday look’ or to mark a special occasion. I am passionate about skincare to enhance a person’s natural beauty (with or without makeup) and to help them look and feel confident on a day-to-day basis . I also run a successful salon-based business offering non-invasive, results driven treatments including Microneedling, Dermaplaning, LED light therapy or chemical peels and I sell vegan, cruelty free skincare and beauty tools to promote healthy, nourished skin.



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