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Living the Dream

Kelly is a DJ! Her DJ name is ‘Digital Pochahontas’
How cool is that? Here’s how she did it!

Casting our minds back to 2013 where, at a private festival in Kent for a close friend’s birthday, the digital fairy-tale began, quite simply with a glow stick halo around her head which sat upon her long locks. 

“You look like Pocahontas, like a digital Pocahontas.” 

And that right there, that is where the DJ Digital Pocahontas’ story begins. 

Having always been a music lover, that same night, Kelly (DJ Digital Pocahontas) explained how she went up to their friend who was the DJ for the evening and said,

“Come on then, let’s see how it’s done.” 

After a bit of this, a bit of that, a twist of this and slide of those, she was on – track after track, mixing tapes and moving people both mentally and physically for the rest of the evening (some would say a star in the making!). 

With her own birthday just around the corner, DJ mixer decks were definitely the top present request and after the big day and some practice, requests for Digital Pocahontas to perform at friend’s events and celebrations started to pour in.

Digital Pocahontas’ favourite event…

Kelly loves them all, but her favourite event was one that she was booked for quite recently. Digital Pocahontas was invited to play in a pub in Bishop’s Stortford, The Horn at the Half Moon, where she could play tune after tune and all of her favourite tracks. Knowing that house music was her favourite genre, the host was more than happy for Kelly to go with the flow and use her expertise to create the most amazing atmosphere.

After that first night Kelly said that she was living her ‘dream job’ and seeing a dance floor full of people having a great time and creating a mood so joyous that the crowd were beaming was inspirational and an honour. Kelly had to pinch herself that all the people had come along to see Kelly the ‘Digital Pocahontas’ do her thing.

Digital Pocahontas’ favourite music Genre…

Being given the freedom and full reign at The Horn at the Half Moon, Kelly has made it clear that disco house is the favourite genre of music.

‘Glitter Box’ provide Kelly with inspiration as they incorporate all the old school disco favourites with 70’s funk mixed in with a side of new disco combined with house music. You can’t go wrong!

Digital Pocahontas follows a collection of funky Instagram accounts and other socials to explore what’s new, and what’s currently rocking in the music world. The Digital princess takes inspiration from others and knows that’s a key part to building an all-round playlist full of unforgettable bangers.

What do you love about being a DJ…

There is an endless list of fabulous things when you’re lucky enough to be working in your dream job. However, being in control of the music for people’s big nights and occasions and creating the memories that last a lifetime because of the mood of the event is such an honour and a privilege. It’s just magical.

Music brings up so many emotions and memories that people can connect with and recall for a lifetime. Even people suffering with Alzheimers or dementia can often recall music long after they have lost day to day memories. The power of music can never be underestimated. It feeds your soul.

Digital Pocahontas’ highlight or biggest achievement of the year so far…

Kelly says her highlights change as she’s often heard declaring “that was brilliant” or “that’s definitely my biggest achievement so far”. 

However, as it stands today, Digital Pocahontas has won a pretty exciting contract with a MASSIVE corporate client, Amazon. Tasked with delivering the ultimate music night at their launch parties and Christmas parties in multiple venues across the UK. Some would say that’s pretty awesome!

“It’s a challenge and challenges are good, but I am loving it!”

Any current gigs and performances?

Every month Kelly is grooving it up in The Horn at the Half Moon, playing tune after tune that will have you shouting “Oh I love this one” time and time again.

Of course DJ Pocahontas has bookings for private parties and events, maybe you’ll find yourself invited to one, or perhaps you could book her for your own!

Music idol and inspiration …

80’s music idols were Duran Duran with Simon Le Bon being one of Kelly’s first loves. Carefully blu-tacked posters from Just Seventeen adorned Kelly’s walls and her cassette tapes were played over and over. In the 90s Take That were it, potentially an unexpected choice in comparison to the music she plays now. Current DJ idols have got to be Joey Negro, now known as Dave Lee (if you are reading this – “I love you!”) alongside Purple Disco Machine. Kelly is absolutely loving what she’s doing at the moment which is just fantastic!

Favourite Song….

‘You don’t even know me’ by Armand Van Helden (a fond memory and an absolute disco tune).

Digital Pocahontas’ dream gig and/or performance…

Digital Pocahontas has a vision: it’s at a festival (which we won’t mention the name of in case we jinx it) but picture this. You’re at a festival, it’s about 5pm on a Sunday, Digital Pocahontas is centre stage in all her glory playing the ultimate disco house tracks and everyone is up dancing and loving life. 

“It’s literally the ultimate compliment, to bring a group of strangers together and create a mood that can carry feelings in tides, just breathtaking and a dream that hopefully will one day come true.”

Top tips or words of wisdom for any wannabe DJs…

A good place to start is loving music! Finding your genre, the sound that moves you. The music that makes your heart sing. That is your first mission without a doubt.

Try to find what you’re ‘about’, so, for Digital Pocahontas, her speciality is in disco house and 80s pop and that is what people come to her for. Like most things, it’s all about practice, especially with mixing.

Another great way to get better is to find a mentor, someone that can be a soundboard who knows the industry and can offer helpful advice not just tell you you’re brilliant. You need constructive criticism to improve, but ultimately if you get people dancing you’re doing just fine.

How did Digital Pocahontas cope through the the pandemic…

From the beginning of lockdown, despite gigs, parties and festivals not happening, DJ Digital Pocahontas was advertising her Friday lockdown sessions on her socials. At 8pm she gathered friends and family for a virtual drink and dance. At its peak, Friday sessions attracted over 5,000 views. Following on from that success ‘Tuesday Take That’ night was introduced and that went global !

The lockdown discos were a huge success and a much needed break in the solitary gloom so many people we dealing with. Digital Pocahontas received overwhelming feedback about how her sessions had helped bring some joy, or had helped people feel less lonely, or had given people a party when they absolutely needed one (the next day hanger not so much!).

What does the future hold for Digital Pocahontas?

The future is looking bright to be sure. Kelly has been working on vision boards (with the guidance of unconscious mind therapy) and there should be lots too look forward to. She’s currently focusing on creating her persona on a radio station, having been approached by an independent station to get involved, and potentially take it over!

Kelly says that balancing being a mum as well as a DJ can sometimes be difficult. The beauty of being her own boss and the freedom she gets enables her to spend time with her son. It’s a tricky balance sometimes but she’s making it work, but is fully aware that she couldn’t do it alone and will be forever grateful for all the love and supports she gets from her amazing friends and family.

In a nutshell its hard work, but so worth it. Kelly is most definitely living the dream to the beat of her own tunes and as the legendery Donna Summer said,

“She works hard for the money.”

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