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The make-up minefield for mature skins!

Years ago, ‘age appropriate make-up’ was always a term I used when working on ‘prom’ clients and teenagers. With more and more younger girls wearing heavier make-up, it’s now a term I also use for ‘mature’ skins.

As we age, there are certain products that can easily work against our skins, rather than in favour of them and it’s sometimes not until you have spent your hard earned money that you realise this. Beauty counters may well have every product available, but they are not always the best place to go. The lighting in shops is artificial and in larger malls, there are no windows to check shades in natural daylight.

I always recommend colour matching your foundation to your collarbone or inside wrist. These areas will be the closest colour matches to your neck and it’s much easier to blend your colour upwards than downwards. Our faces are out in all weathers and are a much darker skin tone to our neck and chest. It’s far easier to blend upwards and add colour to the face in bronzer and blusher, rather than using the wrong shade of foundation. Testing foundations on jawlines or hands is never going to give a true colour match.

When testing colours, you are looking for a shade that almost disappears into your skin. Il Makiage offer a fantastic ‘Take the Foundation Quiz’ online and having trialled this myself, their colour match was spot on. It will ask you your skin type (dry, oily, combination), what coverage you are looking for, the finish you want (luminous, matte, natural) and also about your hair colour and skin undertone.

With regards to mature skins, cream based products are more natural and fresher looking on the skin. Swap a powder blusher for cream blusher. They are easier to blend and build upon. They won’t ‘sit’ on the skin and highlight any dry and dehydrated areas and they can also double up as a light tint for the lips.

Use light diffusing liquid concealer under the eye to cover any dark areas. Pick a shade that is no more than one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to avoid any obvious white circle around the eye area. I love Tropic Illuma light diffusing concealer because not only is it amazing at covering dark circles, but it is full of collagen boosting algae extract and Vitamin E to nourish and plump the skin. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, you don’t get any creasing or ‘caking’ of this product.

When it comes to eyeshadow, matte and low shimmer (satin) types are better suited for mature skin. Shimmery, glittery and frosted eyeshadows tend to accentuate wrinkles and can make a woman look older. Use a cream eyeshadow as a base and a satin or matte pressed powder over the top. You can always add a touch of highlighter to the centre of the mobile lid to make your eyes pop. By applying a cream and then matte or satin eyeshadow, this will avoid creasing and give the pressed powder something to grip on to. It will accentuate the eyes without taking attention away from them.  

Make-up is an extremely powerful tool and can make you look either 10 years younger or 10 years older! As a make-up artist, I offer 1 to 1 makeup lessons.  They are a great way to spend a fun hour or two. You will not only find out the correct shades for your skin tones, but you’ll pick up some new tips and techniques along the way.  

By Kelly Hollands @glow_beauty_skincare_wellbeing

As a freelance makeup artist I have worked with hundreds of women either to create ‘their everyday look’ or to mark a special occasion. I am passionate about skincare to enhance a person’s natural beauty (with or without makeup) and to help them look and feel confident on a day-to-day basis . I also run a successful salon-based business offering non-invasive, results driven treatments including Microneedling, Dermaplaning, LED light therapy or chemical peels and I sell vegan, cruelty free skincare and beauty tools to promote healthy, nourished skin.



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