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70 Years of History that our Queen has witnessed

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1953: The coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second

1954: The first ever Boeing 707 is released for flying

1955: McDonalds opened for business

1956: Rock and Roll dance craze is born

1957: The frisbee is thrown worldwide

1958: The peace symbol was created during February by British designer Gerald Holton

1959: UK postcodes are introduced for the first time

1960: JFK wins presidential election

1961: Birth control pills become available on the NHS

1962: Spiderman appears in comic book history

1963: Dr Who arrives in his Tardis

1964: Dr Martin Luther King, Jr receives the Nobel Peace Prize

1965: You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling is at number 1 in the charts

1966: England won the football World Cup

1967: The Concorde supersonic aircraft was unveiled in France

1968: The Beatles’ Hey Jude is released

1969: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon

1970: T-Rex headlined the first ever Glastonbury festival

1971: The UK and Ireland both switch to decimal currency

1972: Gay Pride sees its first march in London

1973: The Godfather wins the Oscar for best picture

1974: The first recorded sextuplets are born and survive

1975: Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female leader

1976: The Body Shop opens its flagship branch in Brighton

1977: Red Rum wins its third Grand National

1978: Louise Brown is born using the first successful IVF method

1979: Trivial Pursuit is launched

1980: John Lennon is assassinated

1981: Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer

1982: The Barbican Centre in London opens as an Arts Centre

1983: Seatbelt use becomes mandatory law in the UK

1984: Torvill and Dean win Gold at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo

1985: The soap opera Eastenders debuts

1986: Children’s charity Childline is founded

1987: The Kings Cross Fire kills 31 people

1988: The first GCSEs are taken, replacing O levels

1989: Women are allowed to be ordained into the church of England

1990: Poundland opens its doors

1991: Helen Sharman is the first ever Britain to head into Space

1992: The year the Queen described as an ‘annus horribilis’

1993: The Grand National is cancelled due to a false start

1994: Four Weddings and a Funeral is a box office hit

1995: Barings Bank collapses under the action of ‘rogue trader’ Nick Leeson

1996: The Spice Girls top the charts with ‘Wannabe’

1997: The Teletubbies say hello on the BBC

1998: Construction of the Millennium Dome begins in London

1999: Tracy Emin exhibits ‘My Bed’ at the Tate Modern

2000: Big Brother begins on Channel 4

2001: The Eden Project opens

2002: Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother die within weeks of each other

2003: Mick Jagger receives a knighthood

2004: The boxing day tsunami causes widespread devastation in South-East Asia

2005: Pubs in England and Wales are permitted to stay open for 24 hours

2006: Daniel Craig makes his debut as James Bond

2007: Jenny Bailey becomes the first transgender mayor in the UK

2008: Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport is opened

2009: Jade Goody died

2010: Volcanic ash halted flights across the world for six days

2011: Habitat stores went into administration

2012: The Shard is officially opened

2013: Prince George of Cambridge is born

2014: Louis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix

2015: Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest reigning monarch

2016: The Hatton Garden Heisters are jailed

2017: Women become eligible to join the RAF

2018: Meghan Markle married Prince Harry

2019: Greggs launches meat free sausage rolls

2020: Covid global pandemic lockdowns

2021: Debenhams closes its doors

2022: The Queen celebrates 70 years on the throne-reaching her Platinum Jubilee

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