Queen Elizabeth II-70 facts

Did you know….

  1. One of the Queen’s nicknames was ‘Cabbage’
  2. Her first horse was called Peggy
  3. The Queen is the only person in the UK who does not need a driving licence
  4. She drove a truck during World War 2 becoming the first female member of the royal family to serve in the forces
  5. Her place of birth is now a Chinese takeaway
  6. The Queen uses the placement of her handbag to send messages to her staff. Handbag on the table means she wants to leave.
  7. 80% of her subjects today were not alive when she became Queen
  8. The Queen does not need a passport to travel as she is the one that issues permission for others to travel
  9. It is said that the Queen favours bright and bold colours so that crowds can easily spot her from a distance
  10. She has seen six popes in office during her reign
  1. Past gifts have included an elephant, a jaguar and a pair of beavers. She donates all of her animal gifts to London Zoo
  2. She hosts around 50,000 people a year at various events at Buckingham Palace
  3. She can speak French fluently
  4. The Queen has received over 3.5 million items of correspondence during her reign
  5. She has owned over 30 corgis
  6. The Queen has sat for over 200 royal portraits
  7. The Queen does own all of the unmarked mute swans on the British waterways. This law was founded over 800 years ago
  8. The Queen has carried out more than 21,000 official engagements in her lifetime
  9. There have been 14 Presidents of the United States during her reign and the Queen has met every one of them personally
  10. She is an honorary member of BAFTA
  1. The Queen opened the Sydney Opera House in 1973
  2. She was eight years old when she met Prince Philip for the first time
  3. Her marriage to Prince Philip lasted 73 years
  4. Windsor Castle is the oldest occupied castle in the world, dating back to William the Conqueror
  5. She had 10,000 pearls on her wedding dress
  6. The Queen is Patron to over 600 charities worldwide
  7. It is estimated that the Queen has worn over 5000 hats in her lifetime
  8. She has won over 6 million pounds in racing prize money
  9. The Queen has been shot at twice, once in the UK and once in Australia
  10. She turned down ‘Oldie of the Year’ award stating that you are only as old as you feel
  1. The Queen owns all the dolphins and whales in British waters under a statute established in 1324
  2. She has a cushion at Balmoral, in her sitting room, embroidered with ‘It’s good to be Queen’
  3. Her first corgi was an 18th birthday gift, and her name was Susan
  4. The Queen has her own currency called Maundy money that she uses to give to the elderly on Thursday
  5. She only carries money with her for church on a Sunday
  6. Queen Victoria was the first royal to reside in Buckingham Palace
  7. A total of 8251 guests were present in Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s coronation
  8. The Queen’s chefs forage for wild mushrooms to use in her meals
  9. The Queen studied constitutional history and law after her father became King
  10. There are over 700 rooms in Buckingham Palace
  1. The Queen’s engagement with Prince Philip lasted only 4 months before they were married
  2. The Queen is not allowed to vote in elections, however, she can dismiss a Prime Minister
  3. When dining with the Queen, guests must stop eating when she does
  4. The Queen has sent out over 37,000 Christmas cards
  5. The Queen is a fan of Arsenal Football Club
  6. She has worn the same nail polish since 1989, a shade called ‘ballet slippers.
  7. The Queen owns over 200 racing pigeons
  8. On her wedding day, The Queen’s tiara snapped and had to be fixed by the court jeweller
  9. The St Edwards crown, worn during the coronation weighs 5lbs and is encrusted with over 400 gemstones
  10. The Queen’s wedding ring was made from a nugget of Welsh gold
  1. Their wedding cake was 9ft high and comprised of four tiers
  2. Balmoral Castle is set on an estate of 50,000 acres
  3. The Queen takes afternoon tea every day
  4. 27 million people watched the coronation on TV and 11 million listened in on the radio
  5. The crown jewels were hidden from the Nazis in biscuit tins
  6. The Queen has over 30 godchildren
  7. Queen Victoria was heard to have described Balmoral as ‘small, but pretty’
  8. Coronation chicken was a dish invented for the Queen in celebration of her new role
  9. The Queen was the 39th sovereign to be crowned in Westminster Abbey
  10. Sir Norman Hartnell designed both her wedding and coronation gowns
  1. There are embroidered leeks on the dress if you look closely enough
  2. Garlic is not allowed on a royal menu
  3. The Queen’s favourite breakfast cereal is Special K
  4. She was evacuated to Windsor castle during the blitz
  5. Four of the pearls on the coronation crown, came from Elizabeth I earrings
  6. There is a private ATM machine in the basement of Buckingham Palace, provided by Coutts bank
  7. Buckingham Palace has a cinema, swimming pool, clinic, post office and police station
  8. Over 800 members of staff live in Buckingham Palace
  9. The Queen was given nine options for her coronation dress and she picked option number 8
  10. On the 2nd June 2022, The Queen would have had 25,567 days on the throne-What an achievement of a life spent almost entirely in service

God Bless You, Ma’am!



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