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By Lauren, CeCe and Justine

From Lauren:

Back in the early days of the very first lockdown, when Covid was still referred to as Coronavirus, we mostly spent our incarceration thinking about baking banana bread and waiting for the dreaded impromptu press conference. Would Boris make an appearance meaning further restrictions or would it just be Chris ‘next slide’ Witty with his ineptitude over working his own remote for his Powerpoint presentations? 

As families struggled with illness and trauma, others with boredom and fears over lack of work, we decided to launch a free magazine to entertain those who were bored of social media and wanted to escape the news. We were on a mission to keep people sane (along with ourselves) and to offer original pieces, written by us, that were non-Covid related and varied in subject. We worked hard to bring something different, articles that you could read in a magazine or in a newspaper but with a personal touch. We all had our own voice and a unique style of writing and the passion to deliver weekly content.  

From what started as a bit of fun, began to grow and our audience went international. Our magazine attracted regular writers such as our beauty expert Kelly giving advice on all things skin deep and GoLittleBigGirl who transports us to experience a taste of life in the country, along with our resident book reviewer A Novel Page. We were soon privileged to receive articles from a plethora of guest writers all with their own stories and experiences to entertain our growing fanbase. 

As life returned to normal, our magazine moved to a monthly edition. And here we are. Still very much a band of badass literary nerds looking to fill our beloved magazine with articles of interest to hopefully entertain you. 

From CeCe:

I can’t tell you how many times I thought I’d run out of article ideas and have considered hanging up my pen (keyboard) plus its not lockdown anymore and I have loads of fun to catch up on, plus work, etc.

“Lauren,” I’ve said, “I think I’m done.”

Then as AION’s luck would have it, I run into someone who says how much they enjoy reading our little magazine, or I hear of something I absolutely have to tell you about, and just like that I’m back on board.

With that in mind, we are experimenting from this month and are going to publish on the first Monday of each month. By publishing on a Friday evening we think you busy bunch of sassy ladies may be otherwise engaged and don’t need an evening of free sofa bound reading anymore.

So to clarify:

AION will be published MONTHLY on the FIRST MONDAY of the month.

From Justine:

I cannot take any credit for the creation of AION as it was Lauren and Cece’s inspired brains and voices that brought the magazine into fruition.

Reading and writing have been my additional oxygen for as long as I can remember. The written word has always offered me a safe space to speak my truths and express my feelings. In conversations I flounder over my words, feel self-conscious and find myself getting my words mixed up and flustered.

I was chuffed to bits when Lauren asked if I could maybe write a book review for one of the first editions of AION and I had just inhaled and fallen in love with ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig. It was the nudge I needed to brave writing for a wider audience and I loved it. Since then, I have been able submit at least a couple of articles to each edition (save a hiatus to write a Masters dissertation-this was not writing that was as enjoyable!).

Writing for AION, alongside Cece and Lauren has given me the courage to share my views on issues that matter to me and connect with other people that have felt or experienced the same. When I read, I seek things in common with the characters or writers and if there are similarities it makes me feel less like a oddball, or an odd one out. If I can write something that makes someone feel more accepted, or understood, or laugh- that’s the best feeling ever.

“In this disastrous era that we’re in, we all need a bit of free escapism. For me, it’s the writing and hopefully for you it’s the reading! #Team–let’s-get -through-this-shit!” 


“Margaret Attwood has said that ‘a word after a word after a word is power’, I write to connect, to share and to reach to others and sometimes to make people laugh. That’s my favourite thing to do. That’s powerful.” 


“I think about writing every day. I write to represent people like me, to speak out on interesting subjects with humour and sentiment. I hope that I can encourage others to give writing a go, we all have a voice and a story and our little magazine is a welcome platform for all.” 



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  1. YAY!! You are back! Fabulous news – looking forward to reading you again 🤩

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