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According to Google Shopping Trends in 2020, furniture sales were at their highest rate ever. This is hardly surprising as we were all indoors day after day staring at the grubby chair we’ve been meaning to replace for years. Or, we were spending far too long scrolling through our socials thinking, “yes I could do that, and I absolutely need faux furs draped over my chairs and yes I’ll make a macrami pot hanger, I’ve got the time.”

Spring and summer 2020 saw us all clambering for new garden furniture to the point there was none left to buy. “Yes I’ll have it on six months back order and get it just as I need to wrap it in a tarpaulin for next year. After all, England has turned into a rather warm place and I may never get to leave the country again, ever!”

So, here we are in summer 2022, and when we should all be as happy and as carefree as Exmoor ponies now that all restrictions are a distant memory, we are in fact wondering if it’s feasible to go to Tesco’s on a bicycle and do a big shop.

The cost of living is crippling us all, and fuel is the crux of it all. Fuel. The least glamorous purchase you can ever make but it’s so vital. Now I’m wondering if I really need to drive to X or Y when I still have roller skates in the loft somewhere, or a bike in the garage or even, “no I’ll go without”.

“It’s sunny,” said he, “shall we go to the sea?”

“No, the petrol will be £50 to get there and back.”

“FFS I’d like to go to the sea, but I’d also like some dinner later in the month. Let’s sit outside on our new garden furniture and dream of the sea.”

However, as I sat on my lounger in the lovely warm sunshine, I wasn’t dreaming of the sea, I was thinking that perhaps I could tart up the lounge instead. I Googled some ideas. I Googled some prices of the new things I’d enjoy owning. I left the items in my online basket and turned the phone off, I abandoned my cart and no amount of emails to remind me I hadn’t checked out my items was going to get me to check out my items!

Then it occurred to me. When I was a teenager and needed a new room makeover (the days before Pinterest and everyone having an interest in interior design), I just moved stuff about. I’d spend a whole day re-arranging my bedroom furniture, even sometimes putting my bed in the centre of the room because I didn’t need to adhere to my parents common sense standards. I was a maverick. Obviously, I soon moved it all back as I couldn’t swing a sock in my room with my bed in the middle of it, but for a short time it refreshed me to have a new layout that I couldn’t navigate with my eyes shut. I would absolutely stub my toe.

So with a quick switch-a-roo (not quick as sofas are heavy and have dead bugs and rogue crisps packets under them which require hoovers and effort) I moved our lounge around. It’s almost a new room. I have borrowed cushions and throws from our bedroom, yes he’s very disappointed that he doesn’t have to ‘unpack the bed’ each night before he gets in, for our cushions that were vital in our refreshed 2020 bedroom now adorn the sofa.

I have reappointed a bedside lamp to a coffee table and with a new shade, which I will purchase soon, the look will have Kirsty Allsopp and Lawrence Llywelyn-Bowen patting themselves on the back because I clearly have been listening to the Changing Rooms style makeovers they have preached for decades. I haven’t so much as painted a wall, just switched the focus of the room, the TV being the only real bind due to its cables etc, but I’ve worked with what I can, and I am happy with the results.

Tip 1
Rearranging a room is easier with less “stuff” in it. Place decorative items, indoor plants, rugs and smaller lamps in boxes, and move them to a different room. Moving your furniture around will be a lot less complicated after the floors and shelves are empty.

Tip 2
Begin with your foundation furniture, which are your investment pieces and the main designs that will take up the most room and set the tone in your space. In a living room, these are usually the sofa, TV stand, and armchairs.

This is an interesting article about the basics of changing your room around.
10 Simple Decorating Rules for Arranging Furniture

According to Psychology Today, rearranging a room can elevate your mood, instilling satisfaction, effectiveness, creativity and comfort. It’s also a simple way to clear your mind; just as you’re cleaning the clutter of the room while rearranging your furniture, your mind becomes at ease, grounded and clearer.

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