Still got that lovin’ feeling

‘Top Gun-Maverick’ finally flew onto our screens after a two-year pandemic delay and fans with a need for speed wasted no time in taking off in their droves to see how Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell had fared over the past thirty-six years.

Yes that’s right, thirty-six years!

The anticipation for this sequel and our united global adoration of Maverick and his original wingmen saw the film fly past all previous opening weekend records, and to date has taken over a supersonic one billion dollars.

As I walked in and out of the cinema, I observed the demographic of the audience. Fellow film goers were made up of couples and groups of friends aged mostly forty to sixty, with a smattering of teenagers and early twenty somethings that had been dragged out by mum and dad.

True fans of the original will not be disappointed, with its wealth of nods and links back to Miramar in the eighties. The famous lines and references come thick and fast from the start and will have you smiling fondly and feeling heart-achingly nostalgic until the very end.

Let’s not forget another key element of this film (and my other half’s favourite scenes) ‘the flying bits,’. The thrilling daredevil dogfights are ever present, but have come a long away with the help of CGI, new and contemporary real fighter planes and skilled stunt men. There are some visually stunning aerial shots that will just take your breath away and these are of course enhanced and sharpened by the big screen and surround sound experience.

Harold Faltermeyer’s iconic soundtrack is forever present ensuring that we never forget the past as we are reacquainted with a few of our favourites while being introduced to some new crew members.

This film is cheesy and cliched and contains all of the magic of the original, but with one short cheeky wink to Cruise’s other title role-Ethan Hunt. Things do go a bit ‘Mission:Impossible’ for a while but it works well and Maverick gets us back safe and sound with only a few signature fly pasts and if you’re a softie like me-a few tears too.



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