Summertime Ball

As an early birthday present, I managed to buy my daughter a ticket to Capital Radio’s Summertime Ball. My friend and I, and our girls, were surprised and more than a little smug (I don’t mind admitting), that I somehow secured us tickets for The Golden Circle. The very Golden Circle that winners on Capital were trying to win tickets for.

I was forced to cast my mind back to when I went with my friend and her Mum to Smash Hits Poll Winners Party back in the day. We piled into the Hammersmith Apollo to see Bros who were asking “when will I will I be famous?” I don’t know Matt and Luke (and Craig if you have to add him) I can’t answer that, but I doubt you’ll have to wait long!

My excitement was sufficiently high because who doesn’t want to see Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles? The day was filled with artists, back to back entertainment , albeit most I hadn’t heard of and was therefore thankful for the screens and the ten metre high letters revealing their names – yes Arrdee I’m talking about you!

We arrived with plenty of time to spare, oh but no no you haven’t. In the Golden Circle you pick your centimetre square and you stay on it, all day long! We treated ourselves to the occasional knee bend every few hours – such was the crowd we actually couldn’t move. The kids loved it. I loved that the kids loved it. It was kind of like a beach holiday when you have to stop fighting the sand and just come to terms with it, it is what it is and Harry Styles was coming on.

I remember at Smash Hits when I couldn’t believe that my friend’s mum Marion wasn’t screaming to Bros or singing along with Peter Andre or in fact remotely impressed that Curiosity Killed The Cat had won sexiest newcomers – was she a machine?!

“We had a lovely time didn’t we girls?” she said on the way home.

We croaked a sound implying yes we had because we had cried and screamed ourselves mute. Marion smiled a genuine smile both that it was over and that we’d had the time of our very young lives.

Marion I salute you. I get it now.

Taking my child to a gig of that magnitude, being there as she enjoyed singing along with KSI and Anne-Marie was a privilege, akin to introducing her to the film Annie or Bugsy Malone when she was a small girl. It was such a joy to be part of that memory that will never leave her, that every time she hears George Ezra and his green green grass she will be back at Wembley Stadium and her inner mix tape (previous AION post) will relive the moment and I will be there in it with her, smiling and bopping along to an unknown song but smiling like a mumsie-mum. Her mumsie-mum.


Harry was great and yes he did sing to just me (absolutely definitely), basically because I was the only face smiling back. Everyone else was behind a phone.

Photo credit – my friend standing next to me

Just saying – my actual eyes saw him


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