The kids are alright-more than alright

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I have witnessed something very special recently.

After two years of disruption to their schooling and socialisation, fifteen to eighteen years olds have stepped into exam halls and risen up to the challenge with such courage and stoicism that we should salute them.

Speak to most people of a certain age and you will hear often exclamations that amount to their beliefs that exams are easier nowadays, that students are spoon fed and that they get everything they want, when they want, so what’s the fuss about?

Respectfully, I beg to differ.

I have seen resilience in abundance, floods of tears swallowed and sheer determination standing in the presence of pressure.

To our young people turned up to exams feeling anxious and poorly – well done.

To the students who have a pile of other worries on their shoulders, yet still made it to exams – well done.

To the rebels who consistently arrived without a pen, trying to exert a tiny slither of control over their day – well done.

To the brain boxes whose very reason for existing was to nail those exams – well done.

To the fashionistas and cutting edge guys and gals who only made it in by putting on their interpretations of armour and war paint – well done.

To those who were feeling lost and without a hope, but turned up anyway – well done.

You have all been seen. You have done yourselves, your parents and your teachers so proud.

And you are all going to be just fine.

And to our AION reader parents out there who have cajoled, begged, pleaded, bribed, stressed, nurtured, lost sleep and worried throughout the past few weeks-we think you are AMAZING too. Keep that glass of vino topped up ready for results day!



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