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If you do nothing else this summer you must read Caitlin Moran’s latest book – More than a woman.

Not only will she have you chuckling out loud and mentally building a list of your friends that you are going to be strongly advising read it, but you will have a new appreciation for all that you do, have done and are capable of doing. Us, women, the weaker sex, the fairer sex, the lesser sex – no hold that right there, us, woman that are holding down every single thing that helps the world spin on its axis and underpin all that makes it stable and pleasant for everyone, not just us, to live in. We are fricking awesome and Ms Moran will point this out to you like you’ve never heard it before, and yes, you will do a bit of wee such is the mirth.

Seriously, read it. And then you and I can sign up to The Women’s Union (once you’ve read it you’ll get it).

Because I am married to a good and amusing man who is also an early riser, Pete is downstairs, getting the kids ready.

The kitchen is very bright. Very bright.
This is because I have a hangover, which I haven’t mentioned so far, as it’s entirely my fault, and I am being brave and noble.
‘How was last night?’ Pete asks, cheerfully, putting cereal on the table for the kids. Because they are now nine and seven, we don’t need to put plastic sheeting on the floor any more. That’s one job off The List!
‘Oh, very good. We got a lot of important work done,’ I say, discreetly palming two Berocca tablets into a glass, and filling it with water.
The ‘important work’ was me and three siblings sitting on my patio until 4am, discussing the impending divorce of our parents. Things are escalatingly grim between them, and it can only end one way. This conversation was deemed to be ‘gin work’. For reasons I can’t quite remember now, it involved, around 11pm, me standing on a chair and crying as I sang ‘Everything’s Alright’ from Jesus Christ Superstar: However much I tried, no one else would join in with me.
“Yeah – I saw you ‘working’ on Twitter”, Pete says.
I don’t remember posting anything on Twitter. I look on my phone, and scroll down my timeline. Oh. That’s interesting. At midnight, I appear to have posted a
picture of my bare feet, with a Jacob’s Cream Cracker wedged between
each toe.

More than a Woman – Caitlin Moran

As AION readers you’ll know we are fans of Caitlin Moran, if you want to know more read our previous post She’s Brilliant & British.

I also read the absolutely brilliant ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ which is not about chemistry. It’s a novel and a very, very fine one at that.

Smart, funny, joyous and powerful, Garmus’ 60s set debut featuring an unconventional female scientist with a quiet game-plan to change the world has won the hearts and minds of our booksellers and is undoubtedly one of 2022’s most gloriously enjoyable debuts.


Elizabeth Zott is the main character and you will love her. This is a sun lounger read if ever there was one. You’ll power through it and miss it when it’s gone. Elizabeth is everything you need in your heroine, strong, clever, funny and a progressive badass for her time. Go the strong women’s club!

‘A concept as unconventional as Zott herself, each page is bursting with wit, optimism and female empowerment. I’ve not enjoyed a book so much in ages: it’s witty, sharp and full of life, with the very best canine character. An interesting insight into how far women have come, and how much is still left to do.’


Lauren and I both decided that we needed to talk about women and our issues. I was lucky enough to be sharing the jolly stuff I’ve discovered recently, whereas Lauren is going to seamlessly slide us in to the fury inducing issue that is Roe vs Wade.

Coming next.



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